First two workouts for bench nats done and can only say, meh.

First two workouts for bench nats done and can only say, meh.

Jul 13, 2015

Well since my last article I have started training but bench nationals in USAPL on Aug 28 and things couldn’t start off worse.

First my father died a week before first workout and even though I thought I contained my emotions and tried not to think about it impacting me on my first workout(June 29) I was wrong, terribly.

I started the routine by trying out a new Super Katana on Monday night and things never got really started. I failed miserably set after set. Everything was wrong. I tried to refocus but nothing came to fruition except anger. SO much anger I came back the next night and did it again but with a regular Katana and had a better workout but the affect of back to back workouts with my father passing on top had me running on limited energy the second night but I was prepared.

I cut the reps down on warm ups and used a Ram where I typically wouldn’t to save my triceps. I also stretched a lot more to compensate for the lack of reps. Result not bad but not something you leave feeling invincible, but I do have next week.

Well on 7/7 I tried another regular Katana on and set the tone as I should be able to. I felt GREAT and rocked my sets. Considering I don’t use a shirt usually till the next workout I needed this for mental reinforcement. I finished off chest with couple raw sets and ended it. I have been doing Smolov squat training up to the previous week and my shoulders have felt fatigued this offseason due to it. but guess what? I’m done with Smolov so I am looking forward to destruction of weights on the bench with my shoulders only getting healthier.

My other workouts for upper body were carefully watched for any shoulder fatigue so I can rest them early and not have any oh ohs in a month or so.

Well here is the bench vid of the 2 workouts( I did not post the first if I did you may have quit lifting it was so depressing)


June 29 bench disaster

June 30 bench again

warmups..then 425 1 with Large Ram

495 3 3board

530 1   ”      ”

565 1    ”       ”

545 1   2 board

385 3 Large Ram

July 1

lat pull downs 4 sets ,machine rows 4 sets ,  reverse pec dec for rear delts 5 sets

July 3 arms

preacher curl

30,40,50 5 reps

60 4 reps

125 6 reps

140 4 reps

45,55 5 reps hammer curls


225,300 5 reps narrow grip 5 inches off chest

330,380,5 reps  mid grip

415 5 comp grip

close grip bench

225,275,325 5 reps

370 4 reps large ram

t pushdowns

90,105,120,135 5 reps each set

July 7 bench

335 2 reps

335 3 reps

405 2 reps Large Ram

515 3 reps 3 board(shirt)

545 2 reps 3 board ”

565 2 reps 2 board

435 2 reps Large Ram

365 2 reps raw

July 10 shoulders back

reverse pec dec

90,105,130,150 5 reps per set

behind the neck

155,180,210 5 reps each

seated front press

155 5 reps

185 3 reps

215 3 reps

lat pull 4 sets 5 reps   pull overs 4 sets

July 12 arms

preacher curl

35,45 5 reps each

55,65 4 ”          ”

stand curl

115,135, 150 5 reps each

160 3 reps


250,315 5 reps narrow

350 5 reps mid

405 4 reps  ”

430 5 reps comp grip

t pushdowns

90,105,125,140 5 reps each

close grip

255 5 reps

305 5 reps

340 4 reps

385 4 reps large ram


Till next time…

Focus First!







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