First Week Back

First Week Back

Aug 11, 2013

I hate the first week back to training. Well let me rephrase that, my body hates the first week back to training! I have been looking forward to getting back to training since nationals. I am on a journey of redemption. My whole body on the other hand has hated me since my first squat on Wednesday. But I have grown accustom to not being able to walk, bend over, lift my arms over my head, or breath without my abs feeling like they are being ripped apart. But it is a good and welcoming pain.

So far this week my numbers have not been great but that is how I always am the first week. I have noticed that I feel stronger as the week has progressed. I think that my ATP Extreme has helped with that. I feel that I am recovering well between training days. Slowly I am feeling my strength come back and I know that over this volume rotation my strength will continue to grow. There are days that I cuss myself out for the amount of volume and the exercises that I am doing. But I know it will all pay off November 9th when I bring another State Championship to Iron Authority.


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