Flexibility, range of motion, recovery, and.. CELLULITE!

Flexibility, range of motion, recovery, and.. CELLULITE!

Aug 6, 2014

Can you guess what all those things have in common?  The Foam Roller!!  If you have heard of them before, great!  If not, here’s a picture to clue you in.



To use the foam rolling, you place a muscular part of your body (not a bone or a joint!) on the roller and roll back and forth SLOWLY.  It’s basically your own personal deep tissue massage.  In fancy terms, it’s call self-myofascial release.  The point of foam rolling is to release your muscles from some of the connections to surrounding tissues.  Yes, this does come a price – some slight pain – but as long as you keep it within a realm that you can handle, there are only benefits in your future!

Ok – that’s great and all – but what is the point?!

Well, for starters, it’s a step above stretching.  I looked into foam rolling at first because I felt like I could stretch and stretch and never make progress!  My hamstrings were still tight and my IT bands were even worse.  I was still lifting and working out religiously – but my stretching game was pretty much non-existent.  The nice thing about foam rolling is it massages out the knots in the muscles as well as stretches out the attachments to the bones (ligaments and tendons).  The slow pressure elongates these connections, which eventually increase your flexibility!

While looking into the stretching aspect of foam rolling – I found many other benefits.  First, blood flow.  The massaging motion increases the blood flow to the muscles.  Blood transports nutrients into the muscle and helps them heal faster.  This makes for a faster recovery time between workouts.   Also, relaxation!  It is so nice to do right before I go to bed and I sleep so peacefully after I roll.  It’s like having your very own massage therapist at your house to give you a bed time massage every night!  (Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.)  Finally, CELLULITE!!  That’s right – I went there.  Let’s be honest, I don’t know many women who don’t have or don’t complain about cellulite.  It’s gross, it’s ugly, it’s unbecoming – however you want to put it, most people don’t want it around, including me!  YES, I HAVE CELLULITE!! 🙂 (That was liberating!)  Well, remember when I said that it breaks up the connective tissue between the muscles and the other tissues surrounding it?  Guess what cellulite is??  It’s where the muscle tissue and the skin have a connections and there is a layer of fat in between.  (NOTE:  Having cellulite doesn’t mean you’re fat.  Chances are, many of the fitness people you follow on Instagram or Facebook have cellulite.  Shocker, I know. ;))  SOOOO – by rolling these muscles out for the sake of flexibility and decreased recovery time – you also get the benefit of less noticeable cellulite.

I’ve seen all these benefits.  I honestly wish I would’ve taken before and after pictures to document how foam rolling has helped me, both with flexibility and my cellulite!  However, I failed at doing so – so you’ll just have to take my word for it OR go and get yourself a foam roller and try it for yourself!  I’ve noticed the increase in flexibility in my lifts mostly.  I’ve been able to squat lower than ever before – ass to grass style – so exciting!  I’ve also noticed it in my other joints.  The increased range of motion has been amazing.

So, I dare you to try it out.  Please make sure you read up/watch videos on how to do it correctly (there is a technique to it).  Increased flexibility and range of motion is coming your way – and if nothing else.. Less Cellulite!! 🙂


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