Focus First.What I expect this weekend and my last bench before nationals.

Focus First.What I expect this weekend and my last bench before nationals.

May 3, 2013

Focus First. That is my approach. I am not a great squatter and God knows deadlifter(down 40lbs from its best) but my bench helps what counts at the end,the total. I feel like I am ready. I have visualized my attempts for everything in my head. I am hungry to squat and compete. I know I have good competition against me but I worry about the most important person out there,me. If I don’t believe I am ready then it doesn’t matter who is my competition. I can’t control how they feel. My goal is be the best I can be . Outside of family you are the PRIORITY,numero uno. I train for myself and to win ,first. SO Focus First is about 2 factors you and the win. I have never heard someone training in any sport for second. I don’t care if my dead sucks I will win with it I don’t need the best dead in the meet BUT the best total.Disrespect it if you must but don’t forget there are 2 other lifts that have to be accounted for. I can feel myself getting fiery and can’t wait for tomorrow. I expect good things. If I am lucky I will come out with a pr or two. Focus First.


In case you weren’t keeping track this is my second meet in 3 weeks.May 4th is a 3 lift Masters nationals. I just came back April 24th from Masters Bench Worlds which I competed on April 20. When I returned I went into the gym on April 25 to perform my opening squat then the next day I did my bench with a change though.

I know I cant do a heavy workout in between the 2 meets and I know I will not lose anything by not going heavy. I have to factor I will be squatting first so my upper body needs the rest but can’t skip a workout so this is what I do when this happens(I have before had 2 meets in 3 weeks and this worked before)

155 5 reps

245 3 reps 2 sets

335 3 reps

365 3 reps

415 3 reps with a large RAM.

315 10 reps raw no ram

Finito.  I am done nothing to prove. I had a lot left but do I want a great day in the gym or in a meet? Do I need to answer that?

All the previous sets are RAW. I left the shirt home . Everything was easy but felt 90% since I just got in from Prague 2 days earlier and competed 6 days earlier too. I hgave not adjusted back to our time zone for sleeping so I had been getting up around 430 est and trouble falling back to sleep.

Well my next article will be about how I did.

Focus First.



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