Four Weeks Out and Live Broadcasting

Four Weeks Out and Live Broadcasting

Feb 24, 2013

I am now about 4 weeks out from my first fully equipped meet.  Things have been interesting such as my worst lift, squat, is now by far my best and my bench looks like it is going to outdo my deadlift.  The challenges the past few months have included finding the right equipment – apparently my body does not fit the mold.  Right now I am looking at custom equipment as I plan on entering a second world competition this year.

We will be live broadcasting the meet – APF/AAPF Illinois State Powerlifting – on  The meet will be on March 23rd (Raw) and 24th (equipped) from 9am EST from start until finish.  I will be lifting on the 24th.  This will be a test of the system so that we can live-broadcast other meets including a variety of federations.

Things have also been challenging in my efforts to follow up on writing.  I am writing, but it seems my paying profession is getting in the way.  Multiple technical papers, a study to complete, and magazine articles to write.  This happens a few times a year – writing crunch!  But I get through and the information seems to be popular.  Nope, not going to get into the topics here.  Let’s just say – electrical insulation and machine engineering technologies and leave it at that.

I did learn something from Berserker Strength Radio – they are right!  Wear the gear and make major gains!  A week ago I passed a 655lb squat in an Ace Squatter for the first time below parallel!  Yep, I was wearing my IronAuthority ball cap!

Snapshot - 19

And you thought they were pulling your leg!

About two months ago I moved from HealthTracks in Glen Ellyn, Illinois to Xsport Fitness in Lombard, Illinois as my accessory gym (I’m still part of Team Stone at Right Fit in Willowbrook) for a number of reasons.  The big difference is the cost!  I’m putting out about 1/3rd of what I was paying at HealthTrack, but there is a definite difference.  First, the Xsport site that I am using, as I believe all of them are, is a 24 hour, 7 day per week facility.  The benches are wider and more equipment put into a tight space.  There is little messing around and general conversations as most of the members seem to be there to get stronger or bodybuild (if you don’t know the difference, then you need to review your training).  I do like that the benches are a little wider and the squat racks have positions for both resistance and assistance bands.  Overall, not too bad and it wasn’t a terrible jump as I wasn’t using the pool or other services at the other gym.  Although, the difference in cost (luxury vs function) is definitely obvious!  I plan on trying out several of their other sites.  I hear a few of them have saunas and hot tubs.  All seem to have massage available – you never know, I might finally give in.

And now for something completely different:

Video of Team Stone’s February 15th Bench Day:

Have a nice day!


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