Friday Benching

Friday Benching

Aug 3, 2012

This is my third day benching this week.  I really enjoy my friday training sessions.  For some strange reason, they always feel better than my thursday raw work.

Close Grip Bench Press
395 x5x3 @7

Squats 225×10

Abs x3x30

Rotators x3x30+

Military Press
50lbs x40

Bar Bench Press
45 x3x30

“Was a part of a discussion earlier that baffled me. The theme was that all world class record holders and record breakers could not possibly have achieved their records without steroids or other PEDs. This is very ignorant. I am inching towards the top rankings of IPF Bench Pressing in my weight class, have not ever used PEDs or Steroids (EVER), and I train F’n hard and smart. I have pressed world record weights in training multiple times too. I chose to take the long hard road without any shortcuts. Just because they can’t fathom someone working their tail off and training intelligently, doesn’t mean that all world champions and record holders use some special voodoo steroids. You can put these limitations on yourself, but don’t put these limits on people/athletes that are better than you. Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean no one else can. I know many athletes that are world class that are 100% clean as well. It is so sad that people have these uneducated viewpoints on human performance at the world class level. ”



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  1. I could not agree more. Train hard. Train smart. Maintain your integrity: for steroids are, in fact a short cut. Those that use them inherently know this, whether they acknowledge this to themselves or not. And whether or not they do, they make a conscious decision to compromise themselves and their ethics every time they inject or pop a pill.

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