Friday, July 6

Friday, July 6

Jul 7, 2012

Nothing spectacular happened today.  One thing that I am focusing on here on my Friday’s is not over-reacting under the bar.  Friday happens to be the 3rd day of the week that I bench press…and I always bench press the day before.  So, I definitely feel the effects of training the bench very frequently.  In my head, I kind of know that I am tired and a little weaker on Fridays.  However, friday is my easiest day of the week in terms of volume/intensity.  I am also anticipating enjoying my night, the weekend, etc.  The lesson is that I cannot afford to get complacent on fridays and just because the weights are much lighter, doesn’t give me the right to take it easy on myself.  Every training day, no matter what is being trained, needs to be trained with 100% of your being.  Make your training count.

What I rehearse in my head is that 1) The weight is light, 2) relax and do what you have to do under the bar, 3) Worry about one rep at a time.

Close Grip Bench
380 x4x4 @7.5

225 x10 @6




Make sure that you check out Dana and Shaun’s Training logs…  Dana is a masters lifter well into his 50s and he is still going strong!  Shaun is approaching a high 600s benchpress and if he keeps moving forward, will shake up the national scene.


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