Fried chicken legs!!

Fried chicken legs!!

Aug 13, 2013

So it’s been a few weeks and I have been doing light work. I mean really light work. If you remember the plane ride screwed up my back and when I got done with Nationals I was in some real pain. I got home the next day and it just got worse. I just figured it was from a combo of the plane ride there and lifting with my back like that and already hurting then getting on another tight ass seat on a plane to come back. Whatever it was I couldn’t really move for a few days. I waited a week and decided to go through a light week. Squat was ok, I went up to 315 for 5 reps and that was it. My back was not ready for anymore than this. Bench was ok too, 315×5. Deadlift was horrible. I went up to 315 and it felt like my back was going to puke out my spinal fluid. Muscle spasm like a MOFO. I tightened up real bad. took the week off.

Fast forward to this week.


  1. 455×5
  2. 475×5
  3. 500×5  Back felt good not great. Decided to stay away from RVBs. I also realized how bad my conditioning is. I was so out of breathe from this I felt embarrassed. I know what I have to do, just need to put it in the training.


  1. 670X10
  2. 800X10
  3. 800X10


  1. BWx10
  2. 45×10
  3. 60×10
  4. 60×10
  5. 10×10


  1. 200X10
  2. 290X10
  3. 315X10
  4. 315X10
  5. 200X15


  1. 90X10
  2. 180X10
  3. 270X10
  4. 350X10
  5. 350X10
  6. 350X10
  7. 270X25

I was happy with this day, then the DOMS hit like a train!!! My legs feel like fried chicken on a Sunday afternoon. I mean that kind of chicken that will knock you back in your seat and make you wanna slap yo Momma. It hurts soooo goooood. Good to be back.

On a side note I applied for the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge. It took my money so I guess I’m good. This is the second biggest comp you could be in besides the worlds in my opinion. Last year it filled up in 3 days. This year it was full in less than 24 hours. I wish everyone luck and good healthy training.



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