Getting stronger on camber presses but ……

Getting stronger on camber presses but ……

May 31, 2014

First I received the invite to Master World 3 lift team this upcoming September 22!!!! It will be hosted in Czech Republic. Now my off season will change up earlier then expected at least on the leg movements but I see the bench training pretty much untouched. Now to the week….

Well this is the third week into my offseason. I am doing slightly better with stamina in the front delts. I have a little more strength on my floor presses after benching, just a little. The camber bar presses are just flat out burning out my tie ins and affecting everything after that. So next week I am countering this by not doing dips and giving them a slight break to catch up.

I hit a pr camber bar for almost 4 reps. Next week I hopefully will pr again for 4 reps after that the camber goes to the second movement of the workout which should be interesting. The rest of upper body went well and front shoulder presses are going great!!!! Pausing last rep on the last set feels great.

Anyways off to the workouts.

The video will display camber presses.

May 25

Bench camber

155,195 8 reps each

245,285 6 reps each

315 4 reps

Floor press

225, 255,285 5 reps


Stamina little better but tris, shoulders shot by this point. So I just stop to avoid injury shoulders or possibly.


May 27 shoulders and back


Reverse pec dec

95×2,115,130 8 reps each set

Reverse pec dec facing forward for rotator strengthening

60×2,80 8 reps

Machine rows

165,195 8 reps

210,225 6 reps

240 5 reps

Lat pull

200,220,240 6 reps each


275 6 reps 2 sets

425 6 reps 2 sets

525 5 reps

Seated military press

155,170 8 reps

190 6 reps

215 4 reps

May 29 arms

Stand dumbbell curls

40 8 reps

50 6 reps

60 6 reps

Preacher curls

35,45 6 reps

55 5 reps

Standing bar curls

135 6 reps 2 sets

Standing tri extension

95,115 8 reps

135,145 6 reps


95,115 8 reps

130 6 reps

145 5 reps


Great week overall. Supplements are glucosamine, fish oil, turmeric, and caffeine. That’s it and things seem strong…..

Till next time….

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape



I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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