Glute-ham tie in.. And the rest of my body..

Glute-ham tie in.. And the rest of my body..

Sep 3, 2013

Monday was Leg Day! And if you know anything about me, you’ve learned leg day is my favorite day!  So we did a little something different and I really liked it.  Simple but brutal and I’ll definitely do it again!  On the Power Squat Machine – we added a 10lb plate to each side for each set.  We started with a ten on each side. So.. 20lbs for 20 reps, 40lbs for 30 reps, 60lbs for 40 reps, and finally, 80lbs for 50 reps.  You can do this with any size of plate, so for you power lifters out there, load up and have fun!  I then extra superset of leg extensions and curls, 4 sets of 15 for each!

Tuesday was back, biceps, and shoulders.  Another weird/fun workout!  Back was first on the chopping block.  Triset: Wide grip pull ups (with assistance): 3×12, Wide downplay pull downs: 3×15, Seated Row: 4×15. Next came shoulders and where the fun all began!  I got this section from Muscle Pharm!  One Monster Set where you have to get 50 reps of one exercise before moving on to the next exercise.  Military press: used 15lb DBs, Arnold press: used 12lb DBs, Lateral raise: used 8lb DBs, Front raise: used 8lb DBs, and Bent over lateral raise: used 8lb DBs.  Then another triset for biceps! Drag Barbell Curls: 3×15, Overhead Cable Curl: 3×12, and Pinch Grip Plate Curl: 3×8.  Felt this one in my shoulders for a few days.

Wednesday=chest and tris.  Superset: Chest Press and DB Flyes: 3×12.  Superset: Bench Dips: 3×15 and Overhead Rope Cable Extensions: 3×10. Superset: One arm cross body flye and One arm pull down: 3×10.  Superset: Chest Incline Machine: 1×8, 2×6 (I did 3 pulses then 1 full rep) and Narrow Push Ups: 3xfailure! Meh, this workout was OK.  Not my favorite..

LEG DAY THURSDAY!!! I felt like a beast today.  Beast Mode is a thing, and it was turned on in me on Thursday!  Superset: Leg press and Romanian dead lift: 5×8.  I dead lifted 135lbs for my last set of 8.  All of my powerlifting teammates can lift so much more than this, but it’s the most I’ve ever done and it felt great to hit a new personal best!  Superset: Barbell reverse lunges: 4×24 (12 each leg) and Elevated hip thrusts (one foot up on steps): 4×8 each leg.  Superset: Front squat: 3×10 and Barbell hip thrusts: 3×12.  Superset: standing and seated calf raises: 3×12.  Felt awesome! Loved it!

What was Friday? You guessed it! Back, biceps, and shoulders.  More trisets and quadsets.  I like to put myself in pain obviously.  I ended up skipping out on shoulders because something was hurting somewhere on the inside – really descriptive I know – but point is, it hurt, so I didn’t do it!  Quadset: One arm dumbbell row: 4×8, then I did some Pilates: Lat pull down, straight arms down out and up, and rows!  Triset: barbell curl, alternating hammer curl, and incline curl: 4×12!

Saturday, Saturday! Chest and tris on Saturday! Superset: cable flyes and pec machine: 3xfailure. Superset: tricep extension with rope and one arm bent over extension: 3xfailure.  Superset: chest press and pullovers: 3xfailure.  Superset: dskull rushers crushers: 2xfailure.  Apparently it was a failure kind if day!  I’m looking to up the intensity on chest and tricep days. I feel like they are always lacking/boring…

Either way, great week!!  Already started this week off fantastically as well! Can’t wait to tell you about it!


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