Apr 1, 2014


Sorry for the delay – we’ve had some bad news in my family and last weekend was dedicated to spending time with my mom, dad, and husband. 🙂  On top of it, I’ve been sick. 🙁

SO – moving on – my workouts have been going wonderful!  The intensity is up on both my diet and my workouts and I am hoping that leaning out is going to happen faster.  I’m still doing some cardio and still trying to get that to speed up.  I’m working on trusting the process!!!

I wanted to talk to you about the importance of small, manageable goals – as well as long term goals.  For me, my small goals are as follows – hit my meals, spot on, every time AND have a meal out every now and again – HAVE FUN!; keep improving on my lifts, both in form and weight; put aside a little bit of every pay check to save for competition; I’m halfway through my program, so I want to finish the last 6 weeks strong; continue to better myself as a wife and make sure competition and fitness don’t get in the way of that; give everything 100% effort!  My long term goals are – save enough money to pay for a coach to help me get into tip top form for competition; get my abs back and work on keeping them, or some form of them, year round; reverse diet with a vengeance; and compete again and place well!  Now, if I stick to my short term goals – the long term goals should just kind of fall into place.

Short term goals are (and should be) the little things that keep you going.  The reachable things that you can hit each week.  They are the things that if you stick to them, slowly but surely you should see your long term goals coming into fruition.  If I continue to give 100% in and out of the gym – I should be able to get my abs back by reducing my body fat percentage.  If I keep putting a little bit of money away each pay check – I should be able to afford a coach and competition by the time August rolls around.  If I have a coach – reverse dieting should be assisted and I will be able to stick to it much better than last year.  If all of these things happen – I should be able to compete and place well! 😀 AND – if all of this goes as planned and how I have my goals set up, stress should be to a minimum, which will allow me to continue to be a good wife and to better myself and my mood at all turns of my hobby.  See how that works?!

Now – difficulties will happen.  Currently, I’m plateauing.. and IT SUCKS!  I’m stuck.  I’m stagnant.  I’m at the same weight and bf% that I was at a few weeks ago.  So what gives?  Isn’t it time to just give up and decide that maybe this isn’t for me?  Maybe this hobby is not meant to be and I should just be satisfied with where I am at?  After all, I’ve been told, people would kill for what I have – my health, my body, my strength.  But here’s the deal – I’M NOT SATISFIED.  I’m not content.  I will always push and always try to better myself.  Now is NOT the time to give up and give in – now is the time to push and push harder than I ever have before.  Now is the time to stick to my meals, put full focus and effort into my workouts.  I will kill it every day in the gym.  I will hit my meals.  I will put in the extra effort where it is needed (cardio.. hahaha!).  I will do all of these things because I know I am better than this plateau.  I know what I am capable of and this is not all I have to offer.  I will not call it quits just because I am stuck in a rut.  Why?!  Because I have my short term goals in place.  Things that are so close, I can taste them!  Days like these, my focus is close by.  I’m not looking all the way into the future or to the moment I stand on stage – those days are far off and focusing on them will discourage me.  I’ll start to feel like I’ll never make it and I will fail.  So I shut my eyes to that and focus on today.  What can I achieve today that will better me and get me one itsy, bitsy, tiny step closer to where I want to go??  Progress is slow, but even slow progress is still progress.  Keep at it – and we will make it!!

While I’ll be giving 100% in the gym, I still want to focus on my life.  I don’t want the gym to get in the way of taking a walk or having a nice meal with my family.  And guess what?  So far – it hasn’t!  I’m meditating on my short term goals and it is helping me with my long term ones.  By staying focused on a day to day basis, everything stays in perspective.  I never have to feel overwhelmed or worried about the stage – because I’m looking at today only.  Taking it one meal at a time, taking it one workout at a time.  This is allowing me to stay sane.  Well, that and making sure I get enough good fats throughout the day..  HA!

Anyway, that’s where I am at!  Stuck in a rut but still chugging along.





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