Going into my mock meet

Going into my mock meet

May 2, 2013

This week I am wrapping up my intensity training cycle and looking forward to my upcoming mock meet week. So far my intensity cycle has given me three new pr and more drive then I had before. I feel stronger, more focused, and more determined to continue on this road to Raw Nationals. My new current gym bests from last week are 555 squat, 395 bench with a pause, and 625 deadlift. And this ultimately means two things; first that my training has been effective, I am getting stronger, and I am progressing well. Second these numbers do not truly mean anything. Yes it is great to hit these big numbers but if I can not transition these to Nationals. This current gym total gives me a 1,575, which would be a hundred pound pr total if I can accomplish these numbers at Nationals.

So what are my hopes for my mock meets next week? My goals is for both days to be close to my max out numbers. First mock meet with be Tuesday and then again on Saturday. I know what you are thinking, to complete max effort days that close together. Yes I want to see what numbers I produce on the first day and then see if I can produce those same numbers again a few days later.

After this I will only have two weeks before going on vacation and being away from training for over two weeks. During these last two weeks I am going to crank out as much volume intensity, volusity, as I possibly can. I am going to over stress not only my body but my CNS as well. Stay tuned for the updated volusity training cycle. I have been thinking over my plans and will have a more a finalized cycle after my numbers in my mock meets.


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