Golds Gym Tampa Visit

Golds Gym Tampa Visit

Feb 17, 2014


I’m back to visiting gyms with the first out of state gym being the Golds Gym in Tampa Florida.  The invitation came by way of AAPF/APF lifter Anne Keckler who trains at this gym and had just completed her first meet in four years, the APF Tampa Outlaws Powerlifting Meet.  This master powerlifter at 75 kg knocked out a 225lb squat, 160lb bench and 270lb deadlift with a 9/9 at the February 9, 2014 meet.


The Golds Gym is fairly well equipped with plenty of machine weights and some free weights.  The benches are fairly narrow, but in good shape, as well as powerlifting friendly.  A day visit is relatively inexpensive ~$12/day and there is plenty to do.  The mid-afternoon on Sunday was relatively quiet with only a few lifters present.  For a heavy lifter, the location is good for accessory work, but I would not put too much weight on the bars.i

Golds Gym, 3689 W Waters Ave, Tampa, Florida.

For myself, it was an opportunity to check out another gym as well as talk shop with an upcoming powerlifter.  Anne has limited in-house support at the gym with only a few powerlifters training there.  Overall form training comes from video and discussion with other lifters.  I was impressed that overall raw form was very good with limited team support.  That says a lot for both drive and the ability to learn from the videos.  Her present plans are to compete in Masters Nationals (Texas) and then WPC Worlds which happen to be in Florida in 2014.  I expect to see big numbers coming!

My workup was limited to very light bench, shrugs and triceps.  This is a de-load week with plans for jumping back into the Overkill shirt next Monday and then off to the Arnolds with Barzeen Vaziri and Joe Atef – both lifting with Team Overkill.



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