Got 4 workouts in.. despite the week..

Got 4 workouts in.. despite the week..

Dec 30, 2013

To sum up my week in a sentence.. We had 4 Christmas celebrations in 24 hours and we had to put our dog to sleep on Thursday.  Overall, busy, shitty, and I’d give all of my presents back to get my dog back.  So there’s the mood for this week of lifting. 🙂

Monday: Upper Body Circuit.  Treadmill Walk at 15% incline: 5 minutes. Push Ups: 1 minute. Lateral Raises: 1 minute. Bicep Curls: 1 minute. Tricep Kickbacks: 1 minute. Crunches: 1 minute.  Soooo – you do as many reps as possible in the minute given.  I made it through 4 rounds of this in an hour.  Pretty good workout.  It was different, which was nice.

Tuesday: Legs.  Plié Squats on Smith Machine: 3×20 at 65lbs.  Reverse Lunges on Smith Machine: 3×10 each leg at 65lbs.  Deadlifts: 3×30 (I split up the last 2 sets into 4×15) at 65lbs.  Short and sweet workout.  Felt good though.  My grip strength is LACKING since taking time off.  15 reps were as many as I was getting in deadlifts without dropping the bar.  I am only lifting as much as my grip strength allows.  I’ve used straps before but I want to progress so that I don’t necessarily need them.

Thursday: Back.  Lat Pull Downs: 50 in 4 minutes at 60lbs.  Assisted Pull Ups: 50 in 5 minutes; 15 at 100lbs assist, 35 at 90lbs assist.  Seated Row: max reps in 3 minutes (I did 52 at 60lbs).  T-Bar Row: max reps in 4 minutes (I did 72 with a 25lb plate on the bar).  V-Bar Pull Downs: max reps in 4 minutes (I did 49 at 50lbs).  It was a fun back workout!  The time training is something I’ve just recently been introduced to.  I’ve used it for one or two exercises in a workout, but never the whole thing.  I liked it and highly recommend it – but make sure you have a partner to push you.  I found myself do much better on the exercises that my husband watched the time for me and pushed me to do more.

Saturday: Legs.  Squats in Smith Machine (the hubby was using the squat rack..): 5 sets; reps were 15, 14, 12, 8, 8 and weights were 85lbs, 105lbs, 115lbs, 115lbs, 115lbs.  Felt good but got one of my bad headaches in the middle which hampered my push in the squats.  Calf Raises in Smith Machine: 3×20 at 65lbs (feet were middle, out, and in).  Sumo DB Squats: 3×10 at 75lbs.  Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts with DBs: 3×8 each leg at 25lbs.  I’m still sore from this workout.  It was a solid workout and pretty simple.  Those are the kind I like!

My week of workouts were actually pretty good considering how busy we were and how much the end of the week sucked.  Getting up Saturday morning and coming into the gym was SO hard – but I felt much better after it.  It helped me focus on something other than Boulder and missing him.  My best advice – get up and keep moving.  Without the gym and without my husband, Glenn, I would’ve laid in bed crying for the next month.  Getting back up and re-focusing on my goals and workouts in the present time helped me recover.  It’s going to be a long road and there are going to be good and bad days – he was our dog child and life will not be the same without him.  However, our goals and dreams do not need to suffer the loss with us.


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