Heavy Bench Training with Some Extras

Heavy Bench Training with Some Extras

Sep 26, 2012

In preparation for the NAPF Bench Press Championships Denver, CO.  Nov 15-17

Equipped Bench Press
635 x1
685 x1
720 x1 – about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from touching

2 Board
695 x3

1 Board
665 x3

230 x5x10

35s x3x12

Various Weights and Exercises x5x10-15

Rotators x5x30-50 reps

RDLs x3x10
Shrugs x3x15
ABS x3x30
Curls x5x10-15

I’ve been pretty busy here lately. Haven’t had much time to do a whole lot of updating to the website.  Oct will be a different month though.  We’ll be focusing on the online shop some.  We will be putting up some premium hats and tees.

The diet has been going very well with special/extra focus on pre/post nutrition.  Good news is that I think that I am feeling the effects of it!  My energy is up, I think that I am recovering much faster, and the training weights don’t feel too heavy.  This is a good sign.  Next week, I’ll not bench so heavy and do some RAM training in hope of giving the nervous system a rest and my shoulders a little bit of a break.  They are still hurting, so I am attempting  to heal them up before gameday.

Look in the next week for out October featured athlete: PRESTON TURNER!


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