Heavy Benching is complete…

Heavy Benching is complete…

Aug 10, 2013

All I have left are a couple light training days leading up to Bench Nationals.

August 3:
Worked up to a 710 bench press

2 Boards 740 x1
1 Board 710 x1
Chest 670 xmiss, not happy

Aug 6:
Close Grip Bench 435 x5

Wide Grip Bench 405 x10

Military Presses


Aug 10:
Equipped Bench Press 675 x2x1, a little technically off.  Motivation is low, but I have a lot going on lately.  I’ve been exhausted mentally.

Super Close Grip Bench
205 x12
295 x12

Mobility for shoulders

I have some pain in my bicep tendons.  They are really holding me back.  I also need to focus on keeping my scapula retracted a lot harder.  However, a bad opener day is just the thing that I need to get motivated again.  Really going to focus up and dominate this coming weekend.

Good luck to all competitors.  Stay safe, pick good attempts, and have fun!  I know I will!  😉



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