Hikes, Bench Pressin’, and Shoulder Health

Hikes, Bench Pressin’, and Shoulder Health

Jul 14, 2013

Its been an interesting week training wise.  It definitely picked up for the better this week.  The shoulders are feeling almost 90%!  Which is good for me.  For the past few months they have felt really bad.  So, I’ve been aggressively working on shoulder mobility and strengthening the rotator cuff.

Day 1 – Walk 2.5 Miles

Day 2 – Raw Bench Press: CG 420 x5, WG 395 x10, Military Presses, Rotators, Mobility

Day 3 – mobility, walk 2.5 miles

Day 4 – Day off Dr. Underwood’s orders, Walk 2.5 miles

Day 5 – Day off Dr. Underwood’s orders, fishing with dad out on the lake, Walk 2.5 Miles

Day 6 – Equipped Bench Press, worked on Boards and singles, close grips, flyes, rows, rotators / EVENING HIKE

Day 7 – Walking, mobility, and working on a bluebird house

The equipped bench press work went well.  The singles I’ve been doing are getting better.  I think that the shirt I have is finally broken in so it should be smooth sailing from here on out.  All seems to be going as planned.  Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together?

After the equipped pressing I tried out some close grip variations with a macdonald bar.  I really liked them.  I went up to 235 for 15 and I felt no pain for the first time in months!  THIS IS HUGE FOR ME.  I’ve been training with pain for too long.  This has been holding me back.

On day 6, Beth and I went on a really nice hike at Eldon Hazlet State Park at Carlyle Lake.  It was an easy hike with barely any elevation changes however we saw a lot of really cool bird life.  We saw ducks, geese, woodpeckers, owls, herons, finches, buntings, crows, sparrows,  kingbirds, and a lot more.  It was insane.  I’ve never seen that many different types of birds on one hike there before.  It was a lot of fun.  We started at about 6pm and it ended at 7:30pm.  We took our time.  Other wildlife included, deer, groundhogs, frogs, squirrels, and some really gnarly looking insects.


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  1. Glad to hear your shoulders are getting better. .. That hike sounds like a Disney movie with all those different animals.

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