I see the light!!!

I see the light!!!

Apr 10, 2013

I can finally see the light at the end of this 2 and a half month tunnel. This is the first week that my shoulder feels back to normal and the heaviest I have went in the gym. Each week seems to be feeling better, and now I have lowered the reps and made the weight heavy.

Chest Rehab workout #3

Flat bench:

Bar(45lbs) 2 sets of 25
95lbs 2 sets of 25
135lbs 2 sets of 20
185lbs 2 sets of 10
205lbs 2 sets of 8
225lbs 1 set of 5
255lbs 1 set of 3
275lbs 1 set of 3

3 sets of 25 peck deck superset with tricep pulldowns

2 sets of 10 Kettlebell one arm skull crushers

After this workout I felt a pretty good pump and the shoulder felt good and stretched so I decided to call it a day.

I think my next chest workout I may put the super ram on for the last 2 sets and possible go up to 335lbs for 3 reps.


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