Nov 4, 2013

Ok, well I’m kind of back.  Last week, I did some interval training on the bike, played volleyball, and walked to Walgreens (about a mile total).  Woo whoo, right?  It seems frivolous and ridiculous, but it feels good to do something so I keep up with the cardio.

But not too much cardio, because I hate it and don’t think it is an absolute necessity if you lift correctly.  So, I don’t want to get into the habit of doing it every day and then stop when I go back to lifting at 100%.

Anyway, I lifted today for the first time in a month and a half.  Stent placement has been postponed and we are going to Mayo on November, 15th.  So I decided to just lift until I know something!  Biceps and shoulders this morning.  To be honest, my husband put the workout together and I just followed him.  I don’t remember what we did. :S  BUT, what I can tell you, is it felt awesome to lift again.  It wasn’t heavy or anything crazy, but enough to make my muscles ache!!  AND enough to make my used-to-be-calluses hurt!!  We will have to be building those back up.  They go away FAST if you aren’t lifting.. yikes..

I plan on keeping this up, and I promise to update you and keep track of the workouts.  We leave tomorrow morning for New Orleans for some training for my job – and Glenn gets to go!  So we are going to be lifting in the hotel fitness room while on our trip!  Then some work, then we’re hitting up Bourbon Street!!!!


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