Mar 17, 2013

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  1. Gary Johnson /

    Hey Brady thanks for coming to the gym today and showing us how to bench I am going to wait till November to enter another meet break a record. Iwant to take advantage of what you taught me first

  2. Jerry Moynihan /

    I am a 54 yr. old male who competed in deadlifting from 1989-1994 and stopped due to back spasms and family commitments. In 2010 I began physical therapy for my back then followed 5k & 10k programs. In 2012 I began squatting with an empty bar gradually increasing the weight following a 5×5 program. In 2014 I switched over to programs by RTS and Boris Sheiko, widened my stance in the squat and returned to deadlifting, but was unable to bench because it led to back spasms. I tried adjusting my feet and grip. I even tried placing a pillow under my back. But nothing worked. So I replaced benching with military presses. Despite squatting for so long w/o D.L. my D.L. quickly jumped ahead of my squat (335 1 RM / 410 1RM)Last February I competed in the D.L. for the first time in 21 yrs., it felt great. So far no problems from squatting or deadlifting. Any advice about benching?

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