Injuries are starting to heal.

Injuries are starting to heal.

Apr 21, 2014

This past week I finally moved something decent. I worked up to 495×4 on squat. I was suppose to do 5 but my back said no. I tried to do some pin squats after but my back didn’t want to hear any of that mess. Moved on to leg press were I did 670x 10, 800×10 then 800×9 and got pinned on the 10th rep, Not because of strength but because one of the glide wheels on the left side snapped and it just wouldn’t move. So that’s out of the works for the time being.

Bench day went better than expected. I worked up to 365×5 with a pause on the last rep. Here’s the video  This is 5lbs less than my best so I’m happy with that. Did some Lockout work with Rvb and chains. I am really liking the carry over that I’m getting from the super overloads I have been doing. My grind seems to be better with my sticking point.

Deadlift was Speed pulls 295 6×1 with Quad mini bands 1 min rest. I’m still not comfortable pulling or squatting for that matter but it is getting better each week. I hope to be were I left off before I start the last 12 weeks before states.

Squat today was better but back is still iffy. Worked up to 525×2. not bad but not good. The goal is 615 to 625×2  before the meet, so I have some work to do. After this I did some assistance work then car pushes for cardio. That kicked the crap out of my legs. Lungs felt fine but my legs got drunk on lactic acid!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!! Here’s the video

I have been chasing that crappy 1600 for awhile now and I should have destroyed that at the Arnold but shit happens and at least I don’t need surgery. I was and still am pissed that I got hurt before the Arnold. 2 months out I knew that 1700 was in the bag then I got hurt.  I could barely walk  without pain all the way up to the meet. Even tho my body wanted to quit my mind pushed past and for that I got 3rd.

I don’t know how much longer my spine will let me do this and not reaching my life goals is the only thing that scares the shit out of me.


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