Injury News

Injury News

Oct 14, 2013

2 weeks ago I had surgery to anchor my labrum back onto my glenoid.  The recovery time for such surgery is about 4-12 months for a full recovery.  Some of you are aware that I am on the USA World Bench Press Team competing in Rodby, Denmark in May 2014.  I am positive that I will recover well.  I have some interesting images from the surgery that I need to ask the surgeon about.  My labrum will likely never be normal.  There was a second tear that healed itself and looked like it could be dangerous to continue training and competing on, so I don’t know how long or how much further my career will be able to go.

I hope to God that I don’t have to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to be on my 3rd IPF World team.  Although I will not go unless I am at least 95%.  I competed and won the Bench Press Nationals this year with a shotty shoulder.  I can’t help but imagine what I can do on a healthy shoulder.

In other news.  Beth and I are getting our home ready for sale.  Beth took a job in Carbondale, IL.  So we will be moving in the new year.  She graduates school in December and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She has worked really hard for the past 3 years.

My brother Rob is getting married this weekend in Marietta, GA to his true love Meghan McCoy.  She is a sweet girl and makes my brother really happy.  I am excited to see them begin the newest chapter in their lives.  They are good for eachother.

My apologies for not being so active lately.  I am typing this with one arm as my right arm is tightly secured in a sling.  So typing isn’t one of my favorite things to do at the moment.  And when you own a website, it makes things pretty tough…

Thanks for everyone’s well wishes.  You are all incredible.


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  1. Lots of us have come back from serious injuries and have come back stronger, myself included. I have no doubt you will be stronger once you are back and have a long career.

  2. Nikola Nochevski /

    Hang on, Bradley! I wish you a speedy recovery and return to full training! Fingers crossed to see you on the World Championship in Denmark!… I want you to know that your articles have helped me a lot to design my workouts and my progress!

    • Nikola, thanks for the kind words! I am about 3 months from surgery, feeling better, but I still have a long way to go. Training for the World Championships will be very difficult. If there is anything else we can do for you, let me know. Thanks again!

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