Interested in entering a Fitness Competition? Read this before you make your decision!

Interested in entering a Fitness Competition?  Read this before you make your decision!

Apr 7, 2014

So, you’ve joined a gym, been lifting some weights lately, and hanging out on Instagram seeing everybody’s hard bodies – then you decide “Hey, I’m pretty athletic!  I could do that.”  And BOOM!  You decide to enter your first fitness competition.

Ok, before you fill out the registration and send in your check for a show – here are some things I want you to know about competing, the industry, and other FYI issues.

First: please, please, PLEASE – hire help.  Starving yourself and running on the treadmill (with a few lifting sessions) is not the way the lovely instagram people got to where they are.  Please, hire a coach.  BUT!!!!!!  Not just any coach.  Do your research, ask around, look at credentials/certifications, look at past clients, even ask their past and current clients opinions on the coach.  I can’t stress enough the importance of a coach – but a qualified coach.  If they give you minimal calories and make cardio your best friend – RUN AWAY. 🙂

Second: Lift. Heavy.  Grab the heaviest weight you can lift and go at it.  Ok, just kidding with that one, but my point is – be sure you are pushing yourself!  Lift to failure, switch up your sets so they are challenging, and if you want to, get a workout buddy to be there to spot you and help get those weights up.  If you can chit chat while you lift, chances are it’s not heavy enough.

Third: It’s brutal.  The industry/sport/society around competition that is.  Not everyone understands why you are doing what you are doing.  People won’t get why you don’t want to stay out late drinking on Friday and Saturday night.  People won’t understand why you sacrifice time home for time in the gym.  You will lose friends – almost guaranteed.  Then, after all of this lack of understanding – you get to stand up in front of judges who will critique your body – your every line, your every curve, and your every cellulite dimple.  It’s not because they are meanies, it’s their job – however; it doesn’t necessarily mean their criticism comes with warm fuzzies.  You must learn they are look at you 100% subjectively.  It is all about what judges are out there and what they like on a body.  Work your ass off, grow some thick skin – and you’ll be ok.

Fourth, and last: Get yourself a support group!!  Never, ever, never, never, ever will you make it without people to help get you there.  These people could be your coach, mom and dad, husband, wife, friends, co-workers, etc..  This is the most important aspect of competition.  They are people you can turn to when you are frustrated with the plateau you’ve been on for the last 3 weeks, help you pick out your competition suit, will get excited with you when results happen (even the tiniest thing), AND they will be with you in the tough weeks/months after the competition while you are trying to figure out what to do with yourself and how to be a normal person.  They will be gentle with your attitude (since it may be bad every once in a while) and be hard on accountability and not let you forget your goals.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE on these people.  Because one the stage lights are turned off, some of the body fat has crept back on, the fake tan has washed off, and the trophies are collecting dust – these will be the only people left in your lives.

Long story short, put some HUGE thought into competing.  It is a wonderful, beautiful, hard, trying, and rewarding experience.  And if you’ve thought and thought and thought about it and still have questions – you know where to find me! 🙂  I’m available any time and would love to help you through it!





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