Intermittent Fasting – Week 1

Intermittent Fasting – Week 1

May 19, 2014

Day 1, Tuesday:  I was hungry!!!  All day, until noon when I could eat, eat, eat!  I had a Quest Bar to start because I literally thought I was going to dry up and blow away.  Then 2 eggs and toast.  After I ate this, I felt awful!  I felt sick and bloated.  But I kept up the day with eating until 8pm.  Went to bed slightly hungry.

Day 2, Wednesday:  Felt better today.  Stayed busy at work doing flyers, so that helped.  I learned that chewing gum can help too.  Keeps the hunger pains at a minimum.  Staying busy is key!

Day 3, Thursday: Today was long.  I was at work from 7a-4p, then closed on my house, then started moving stuff.  Moving did keep me busy and I actually  missed more food than I ate.  However, with the help from friends – we got most of our house moved and ended sleeping at the new place!  Life was good and food was the last thing on my mind!

Day 4, Friday: This intermittent fasting thing isn’t so bad.  Friday, I worked, worked, worked on my house.  Started painting, kept painting, then my parents came and helped paint more!  I felt SO hungry all morning and contemplated giving up, but I made it until noon!  We went out to dinner to celebrate our new house and had some awesome Mexican food.  Still accomplished eating between noon and 8pm though!

Day 5, Saturday: Today was awesome.  I kept so busy working on the new house – that food didn’t even cross my mind and we didn’t end up eating lunch until around 1:30pm.  I made it far longer than I ever thought was possible.  I was still done eating at 8pm – wanted to make sure I kept that up even though I broke my fast late.

Day 6, Sunday:  This was another day full of work on the house.  I haven’t worked out at all this week, but haven’t needed to with all the work we did this weekend!  My body is exhausted, my feet hurt, but we are making progress on our new house.  Today was much easier with fasting.  I didn’t really get hungry until 12pm.  I had one moment of hunger around 10:30 a.m. – but we were cleaning our old house and it soon passed.  Drinking a lot of water has really helped and I drink a 0 calorie tea that keeps some flavor going too!

Day 7, Monday:  Today I wasn’t even hungry when I woke up.  Being able to sleep longer and wake up, get dressed, and walk out the door without having to worry about getting food ready is awesome!  I love the time that IF has granted me.  I don’t have to worry about breaking for food – so I can keep working or sleeping or relaxing!  HA!  I’m hungry now – about the same time it hit me yesterday, 10:30 a.m. – but I’ll get up and clean the gym and will be able to make it to noon easily!   Only 1.5 hours – no problem!

Here are the life savers when trying IF:  sugar free gum (mine is Extra Spearmint), zero calorie Arizona Arnold Palmers – my fav!, and STAYING BUSY!!  You can’t sit around thinking about food and expect to succeed.  The more you think about not eating, the more you will want to eat.  Really look at your schedule and pick the best time to eat and the best time to fast.  My recommendation is fasting during a BUSY time of day.  I’m going to be picking back up working out in the morning – this will be during my fasted time and keep me busy.  But – it may also present a new challenge – getting up earlier and exercising while not eating.  I’m need to invest in some BCAAs!  I’ll let you all know how it goes.

IF, until then! 😀




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