It’s just you against you.

It’s just you against you.

Sep 7, 2013

My lifting partner, Christie, had a great idea this week.  She asked if we could do just one body part a time or focus on an area more directly, then go back next week to our normal split.  I am always up for trying new things and am always curious to see how my body will react to something different.  We have been doing (mostly) the same split for a while now, so a change of pace was welcomed.

We started on Tuesday with legs, because.. well.. we love them!  We kept legs together as far as body parts go, but may split it up in the future into quads, hams, and glutes.  We shall see.  I like burning out my whole leg, but like I said above, change is a good thing!  We started with some deep squats, wider stance (4×12: 95lbs x2, 105lbs, 115lbs) and superset those with cable kickbacks (4×12: 20lbs, 25lbs x3).  Then donkey kicks on the Smith machine – on your hands and one knee while the other foot/leg raises and lowers the bar – (4×12: 65lbs x4).  These were superset with the leg press machine (4×15: 180lbs, 200lbs x3).  Last superset was leg extensions (4×12: 65lbs) and leg curls (4×12: 75lbs).  Then we ended with more cable kickbacks, because those burn like a mother.  We did 2 sets of 10 reps, 1 rep = 1 half rep and 1 full rep.  I used 25lbs for both sets.

Wednesday was back!  Started with a superset of wide and close grip lat pull downs (4×8-12).  Ended up looking like this – wide grip: 8 at 70lbs, 3×10 at 60lbs; close grip: 8 at 70lbs, 2×8 at 60lbs, 8 at 55lbs.  Next was seated row (4×8-12), I started at 75lbs and went up in 5lb increments.  Got 10-12 reps each set.  These were superset with T-bar rows (still 4×8-12), 12 at 45lbs, 12 at 5lbs, 10 at 65lbs, and 8 at 70lbs.  This is the most I’ve gotten with both of these exercises, so I was obviously excited!  We ended with some straight arm pull downs.  4 sets, 8-12 reps – go figure – 2×8 at 30lbs, 12 at 25lbs, and 11 at 25lbs.  We ended with some cardio – which we are trying to do better at getting it in – and did 10 100m sprints.  We used the same distance to walk back and used that as our rest in between.

Thursday we did shoulders.  This was hard and our shoulders were on fire!  We started with a triset of DB military press, lateral raises, and arnold press.  Military press (6×12: 25lbs, 20lbs x4, 15lbs), lateral raises (6×20: 12lbs, 10lbs x2, 8lbs x3), Arnold press (6×12: 15lbs).  The next triset was one arm lying rear flyes, front raises, and incline rear flyes.  One arm lying rear flye (5×12: 12lbs, 10lbs x4), front raises (5×20: 10lbs, 8lbs x2, 5lbs x2), and incline rear flyes (5×12: 12lbs x4, 10lbs).  We ended with a superset of hang cleans and DB shrugs.  Hang cleans (4×8: 35lbs) and DB shrugs (4×15: 30lbs, 40lbs, 35lbs x2).  I overestimated myself on that second set of shrugs and had to drop back to 35lbs for the last 2 sets.  It was a great workout that left us sore!

Friday was biceps and triceps – we had to pair these because there are just not enough days in a week!  With a workout courtesy of Muscle Pharm, a superset of EZ bar curls and bench dips started us off.  EZ bar curls (4×12-15: 35lbs) and bench dips (5×30).  Let me tell you about these bench dips.. they started off great.  30 reps?  Sure, why not?!  But then after 3 sets of 30, they started failing.  So we ended up just doing the rest of the sets of dips to failure.  Another superset followed, incline DB curls and more bench dips.  Incline curls (5×12: 15lbs, 12lbs x4) and dips (5xfailure).  Last, a superset of forehead curls – weird – and MORE DIPS!  Forehead curls – still weird (3×12: 35lbs) and dips (3xfailure).  The forehead curls used a lot of shoulder, so doing this after shoulder day SUCKED.  ANNND, you are bringing a bar up to your forehead.. did I mention this was weird.  Oh well, something different!

Today we did chest.  We haven’t really benched in a while and don’t do it very often, so we have a goal to do it more, starting today.  Our first superset was incline bench on the smith machine and decline DB flye.  Incline bench (6 sets, reps: 20, 20, 15, 12, 10, 8) and DB flye (5 sets, reps: 20, 15, 12, 10, 8 – we forgot to do it the first time!).  Next was wide grip bench (4xfailure: 10-85lbs, 8-95lbs, 6-100lbs, 4-105lbs).  Then we did a triset of chest flye machine, incline DB bench, and push ups.  Chest flye machine (4×15: 40lbs x2, 35lbs x2), incline DB bench (4x28s: 15lbs, 20lbs, 15lbs x2), and push ups (4×20: the first 2 sets I did on my feet, the last two sets I did first 10 reps on my feet then dropped to my knees).

Although this was different than our normal split, it was nice for a change and it was quite the week of work.  I really feel the work done in all of my muscles.  It is not a soreness, necessarily – more of a general tired feeling.  I felt like I could really push the muscle group to the edge without having worry about tiring out too quickly and/or not getting enough work on the other muscle groups.  Felt nice to be able to focus a little more and really hit the muscles hard.  I think we will definitely keep this type of work going for a while.  We are thinking we will alternate weeks – one week as our “normal” split, the next week as this more focused type work!! I’m excited to see where this takes us and am hoping for some solid gains off of it!!


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