It’s on……. Third bench workout for nationals……

It’s on……. Third bench workout for nationals……

Jul 11, 2013

First of all big THANKS to Titan Support for the new shirt I just got in today!! Going to be honest here I was alittle worried about the shirt but after second set with it ,it was on!! I have 3 more workouts till nationals and I couldn’t ask for a better way to start it off . Bodyweight is about 205. Like mentioned in earlier articles I have noticed big difference in my energy and recovery due to the ATP Extreme. Shoulder feels great after about a month of using Rocktape !! Thiongs are looking great for the future.

Now the workout. First the video:


335 3 reps 2 sets (warmup) raw

385 2 reps 2 board raw

bench with shirt

495 1 rep 3 board new shirt not comfortable(no wrist wraps)

525 3 reps 3 board (no wrist wraps)

560 1 rep 2 board nice

590 1 rep 2 board nice strong tris had some work on lockout

565 1 rep 1 board easy,strong first time new shirt 1 board

385 3 reps Raw

315 10 reps Raw paused the 10th

Workout took forever so decided to finish it raw and make the tris work!!

Till next time Focus First!


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