John Mason – Recovery and Performance Specialist

John Mason – Recovery and Performance Specialist

Aug 3, 2013

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“As a sponsored member of Team 4Life, I have access to over 60 4Life products and other supplements that are in developmental stages.  There are so many good products to pick from leaving me unsure of which supplements are perfect for my individual needs.  However 4Life has granted me access to one of the industry’s hottest names in immune system research.  His name is John Mason.  Fortunately for you, John Mason is available (at no cost) to help you as he has helped me.” – Brady Stewart

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“Top notch athletes are very serious about “Peak Athletic Performance” and the role supplementation plays in their lives on and off the field. Recovery and healing the body is “Key” before any supplementation program is utilized for performance.” – John Mason 4Life Nutrition Specialist

In our fast paced, busy lifestyles, we do not get all the vitamins and nutrients our body systems require for optimal performance and overall Wellness. Supplementation is key to bringing back balance. Educating, Balancing, and Enhancing (not boosting) the Immune System and other body systems is pivotal to Optimal Health.

John’s Experience:

Sport Performance and Recovery

2004 – Present (9 years)Immune System Specialist
Sport Performance & Recovery

Professional Consultant

2004 – Present (9 years)Specializing in Health, Wellness, and Sports Performance,
with a special interest in immune system enhancement.

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