Mar 21, 2013

Ya that’s right, you read it correctly. I have official started juicing. Started yesterday and taking second dose today. Oh let me clarify. I don’t mean the shot a needle in my ass, balls shrink up kind of juicing. I am talking about juicing fresh fruits and vegetable to increase the micro-nutrition in my body. Sorry for the confusion and shame on you if you thought I was using steroids! I borrowed a juicer from one of my firehouse buddies because I wanted to try it. I, probably like the vast majority of us, do not intake as many micro-nutrients as I should…I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies. It’s not that I do not like fruits and veggies but it is just hard to eat enough after getting in my protein and carbohydrates. So I did some research after watching the documentary, “fat, sick and nearly dead” about the overall benefits of juicing. I also wanted to see as a power lifter what effects it had on my body for energy, recovery, and weight lose while increasing strength. I would like to lose about 15 pounds before raw nationals yet keep my numbers up and increasing. My wife and I plan to do a 3-5 day detox, which will help with the “bloat”. After the detox I plan to incorporate at least 2 juices a day into my nutrition plan and monitor the effects it has on me.

Let me also say this. I am not a nutritionist, I did not stay at a holiday inn last night, but I have done a decent amount of research. If this is something you are also thinking about trying, I would suggest three things. First do the research and find out what information suits you.  Second see if you can borrow a juicer from a friend or family member so you are able to try juicing before making the investment. And lastly follow my posts related to juicing. I plan to do some videos during the detox as well as follow up videos and posts related to how I am doing and how juicing has affected my training.

Feel free to comment or email me at firefighterfelder@gmail.com with any questions/concerns.


IA all day!


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  1. This is great! I’ve been curious about this as well. Interested to see how it goes for you. Good luck Paul!

    • Going to buy some fresh items tonight and do some juicing tomorrow. I honestly think the hardest part will be to find recipes that I really like. So far I have just juiced what we had around the house and liked my orange, green apple, carrot and spinach mix. I will record the detox and post it.

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