July 20-23 Training, Birthday, and WWE RAW 1000

July 20-23 Training, Birthday, and WWE RAW 1000

Jul 24, 2012


A lot has happened since Friday.  Training went very well.

Close Grip Bench Press
380 x3x4 @7
380 x5  @7

Squat 225 x10

ABS/Rotators/Military Press


So Saturday was my 30th Birthday.  Beth got me a really nice piece of Carry-On luggage from eBags.  It is an EXO Hardside Carry-On. Tough luggage, rolls on 4 wheels.  Weighs 8 lbs.

Also got a pair of Von Zipper Snark Frosteez Sunglasses.  Last but not least, my wife bought me a Lego Landspeeder set.


Saturday I got to do something really great!  I got to watch and help at the Mid-America Push/Pull.  The Competition was great.  Nothing like getting to help and watch something I love on my birthday.  Also, Rick Fowler designed the Tshirt comic book style and me battling aliens was the theme.  

So saturday night, my brother Rob threw together a nice surprise party for me at McGurks in St. Louis.  I love that place.  We got to sit outside in their patio/bar area and it was very nice. about 86 degrees with a drafting breeze.  I ate Guinness Stew, Hot Wings, and drank some Fat Tires.  My buddy Paul gave up box seats at the Cards/Cubs game just to come and celebrate.  He is a really good friend.

On Sunday, I went to see the Dark Knight Rises.  It was a really good movie.  I liked it very much.  It was probably the best Batman film to date.

Monday, I took a half day from work, trained early, benched a bit.  We trained early so we could attend the 1000th episode of WWE’s RAW.  It was a really exciting show.  Saw the DX reunion with Jesse James, Billy Gun, X-Pac, HHH, and HBK.  That was really cool to see.  Many WWE legends were in attendance…all except for Stone Cold Steve Austin.  That was a disappointment, but overall it was a very entertaining show.




















Monday’s Training
Equipped Bench Press

Close Grip Bench
295 x2x10 @7

Lats x4x15 @7


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