June 1 last camber bench and not a great one……

June 1 last camber bench and not a great one……

Jun 11, 2014

Ok it has been a busy couple of weeks with one son graduating high school and the other son with never ending baseball (yes I hate baseball). So I am behind on my log BUT I have not missed any workouts.

I have three more bench workouts after this week before I start my contest cycle (for bench nationals in August) where MORE rest is installed into the regimen!! Thank God. This is last week where I do camber first and well its timing couldn’t be better. I did not have a great camber workout this week which I believe is due to the workload on the front delts which changes after this week. 320, my last set, was awful. I DO NOT believe you try low reps on a movement that greatly exaggerates the range of motion. My intent was 4 but like I said if I don’t get a set of 4 it is by accident not by structure.

One thing I try to do is up every set by 5-10 lbs. from the previous week OR add 1 rep to an unchanged set.

Next week I still incorporate the camber bar but as a secondary movement and I am curious how regular bar benches goes next week.

Anyways off to the workouts.

The video will display camber presses.


June 1 chest

Bench camber

155,205, 255 8 reps each

290 6 reps

320 3 reps

Floor press

235, 265,295 5 reps


205 8 reps

265 5 reps


Stamina again little better but shoulders can feel being overworked. So I just stop to avoid injury shoulders or possibly.


June 3 shoulders and back


I do EVERY workout reverse pec deck and r.p.d. shoulder assistance. They are 2 different movements. R.p.d. is when a person holds a dumbbell, keeps their elbow stationary and moves their forearm from front of them to their side(parallel to the ground) I do the same at the pec deck. This takes the downward stress off the shoulder and just focuses on the lateral movement.

Reverse pec dec

95,125,140 8 reps each set

Reverse pec dec facing forward for rotator strengthening

60×2,80 8 reps

95 6 reps

Pullup machine

190 8 reps

205,235 6 reps

Lat pull

195 6 reps

225,230 6 reps each

No shrugs this week lower back hurting from night before deads and legs.

Seated military press

160.180 8 reps

200 4 reps

225 4 reps

Totally shot was expecting 2 more reps on the last set of presses.

June 5 arms

Preacher curls

35,45 8 reps

55 6 reps

64 4 reps


Stand dumbbell curls

50 6 reps

60 5 reps

70 4 reps

Tri pushdowns

90 8 reps

105 6 reps

120 5 reps


105 8 reps 2 sets

125 6 reps

150 4 reps


Supplements are glucosamine, fish oil, turmeric, and caffeine. That’s it and numbers lagging slightly but with the focus I have put on the front delts which I haven’t isolated as much as this offseason I will take it. Next week back to normal benching…..

Till next time….

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape



I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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