June 28, 2012 – 106 degrees of pure fun

June 28, 2012 – 106 degrees of pure fun

Jun 28, 2012

Incredible HOT day.  Makes it bad when the A/C goes out in the car and you have a 45 minute ride home after training.

Wide Grip Bench Press
390 x4x4 @7-7.5 – Best this has felt in quite a while…

Lat Pulldowns
170 x4x15 @7 – focusing on perfection here

This was my last week of x4x4 in the wide grip bench.

Next week my wide grips will take a small step up to 405 or 410 for x5x3.  Planning on it being very easy as well.  Since I bench heavy on Mondays, I like to balance the stress of the rest of the week with lighter weights.  I recover 100% this way by the time monday rolls around.  Felt like 500 would have been thrown through the ceiling today.  Who knows, maybe after nationals I’ll try a 1RM raw.  The way I train is all about quality, not quantity.  Just because you can do something in the gym (like lift more), doesn’t mean that you should.  If you can’t recover from what you put your body through, then you aren’t training right.




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