June 8 week

June 8 week

Jun 17, 2014

Ok this week the camber bar will be a secondary movement. I was curious how the bench with a regular bar would go and I was not disappointed. In 2 ½ weeks I will be starting to bench for bench nationals so I am down to one more bench workout after this. I already have framed out my schedule for bench nats and 3 lift Worlds in September so this is not a thrown together schedule for the next couple of workouts. I am already knowingly going to start cutting back some sets/workload next week.

I decided to do some speed benches to break back into regular bar benching. I did 245 for 6 sets of 3 one minute breaks and must admit I definitely felt a difference from camber and bar speed was good. Yes I know it was 245 but I did go up to 365 for a triple and speed was awesome. I started doing behind the neck presses and dropped front presses. Nothing real different with arms. No video this week. Off to the workout.

June 8 chest


245 6 sets 3 reps each one minute break

335 3 reps narrow grip

335 5 reps pinky within ¾ inch of ring

365 3 reps comp grip

Floor press

245, 280,305 5 reps

Camber bar

225 6 reps 2 sets


June 10 shoulders and back


I do EVERY workout reverse pec deck and r.p.d. shoulder assistance. They are 2 different movements. R.p.d. is when a person holds a dumbbell, keeps their elbow stationary and moves their forearm from front of them to their side(parallel to the ground) I do the same at the pec deck. This takes the downward stress off the shoulder and just focuses on the lateral movement.

Reverse pec dec

95,125 8 reps each set

150 6 reps

Reverse pec dec facing forward for rotator strengthening

65,80,95 8 reps

Front lateral raises bar

50,60,70 6 reps

Behind the neck presses

135,155 8 reps

175 5 reps

195 4 reps


275,415,515 2 sets each 5 reps per set

Machine pull overs

160,200 8 reps

235,270 6 reps each


0,50,70,90 8 reps each

June 12 arms

Preacher curls

40 8 reps

50 8 reps

60 6 reps


Stand curls

95 8 reps

115 8 reps

140 6 reps

160 4 reps

Tri pushdowns

105 2 sets 8 reps

120 6 reps

135 5 reps

Standing tri extensions

95 8 reps

115 8 reps

125 6 reps

145 6 reps


Till next time….

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape



I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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