June offseason training

June offseason training

Jun 15, 2015

Holy Sh&t! I am posting a workout? Well not quite but…

It has been months since my last training update so let me put the last few weeks into one article. I have only six weeks from nationals (I had competed in May) to training for bench nationals. So it is the normal heal up and/or get the secondary muscles stronger, which at 44 they maybe at their pinnacle. One week was week off, then four weeks training, ended by a week off which leads into meet training.

The cliff notes of the 4 weeks of upper body training

On top of training Smolov(yes I am trying something different because I’m disgusted being stuck on the squat for 2 years) I have also dropped 9 lbs. (197lbs). So I am concerned about my shoulders health by doing so much squatting. To alleviate some stress I all but stopped shoulder presses. I still benched with bands for 3 weeks and did chains for one. On arm day I only did 6 sets of triceps and twice used a Swiss bar but no higher than 235. I did notice on bench day I was fatigued because I was averaging one-two days off in 7 so my upper body was feeling it. My numbers are down but this 6 week window is about squatting as long as I don’t screw up my bench. BTW my shoulders feel great no soreness, aches just fatigue when benching.

So you’ll see there is not much to share besides me being conservative on the upper body and hopefully getting stronger on lower.

In July I’ll start training for bench nats and I will be back at posting full workouts. So comeback then.


I’m not going to post my workouts but here are clips of various bench workouts.


Till next time.

Focus First.


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