“Keep It coming.” Master Worlds bench wrap up.

“Keep It coming.” Master Worlds bench wrap up.

Apr 28, 2014

Well Master World bench is finished and in case you haven’t heard I placed silver in the 93 kg class. I finished with a personal meet best of 589.7 going 3 for 3! That is 10 pound betterment in a World meet! Yes I am completely satisfied. Could I have done or attempted the magical 600? YES. However I have NO regrets. My coach Steve calls the number that is needed to help the team and 589 is what was needed.

We enjoyed the following days which we stayed in England and enjoyed the sites. When we returned I refocused my sites on Master nationals which is May 4.


                   Starting off with a thanks is a must. (Some don’t have Facebook and didn’t see I thanked them there so sorry for repeating this so just skip this.)Thanks to Steve for getting me 3 attempts, lol. Seriously thanks for calling the right numbers. You are a great coach. Thanks to Dana for helping out in the warm-up area sand orchestrating a smooth flow. Tammy I always am relieved when I see you there you were a big help, just don’t walk too far away with my Itouch. To my teammates for their support on and off the platform.

Also getting here without the support of the best equipment or training facility a big thanks to The GYM and Tan Line in Norristown. Thanks to Titan Support Systems for the best gear, period. Also thanks to IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.



Highlight of the trip

           It may be hard to believe but what I left with most engraved in my head was not the silver. It was the exchange of team shirt with fellow competitor Masahiko from Japan. I learned last year it is a tradition, gesture to exchange team shirts with your competition. Since Masahiko beat me last year (and yes again this year, lol) I wore the shirt proudly as so did he.

Funny note was I practiced a few Japanese words to say such as “ hello”, ”good luck”, “congrats”. I felt it was pompous for me to expect someone to learn my language so I thought learning 3 words was not too much to ask. Well when we exchanged shirts I said “good luck” in Japanese to him and he just looked at me. I tried again and no response. Finally I said “good luck” in English and he responded!! LOL. Lori laughed at me and asked what I said. I swear I said “koun” which means good luck,(yes I Googled it and Youtube it). Needless to say I stopped speaking (or trying to) Japanese.

The trip over and morning of the meet

             We left Tuesday night and arrived Wednesday morning about 8:30. The flight was much quicker than last year’s Prague trip. My only worry is the time differential, which is 5 hours and sleep. My weight class was set for Friday at 5 pm, their time 12 pm EST.

There were no hiccups on the travel there and when we arrived at the hotel it was great to see fellow teammates from the previous year. I enjoy having a day to relax and support other teammates. In this case I had two days. It is quite inspiring to watch your team mates medal. In the back of my head of course their worries about the aforementioned but were quickly subdued by thoughts of previous World performances.

There were also funny personal situations which are bulleted at the end of this article.

Morning I woke up later (10 am) intentionally so I wouldn’t be awake as long  being hungry in case I couldn’t eat. I was fine but when I am hungry I feel smaller which leads into thinking I am weaker so by being awake less time gave less time for self induced mind games. I did the usual supplementation while I was there and felt great. I didn’t watch anyone in the morning session s. I don’t like watching the day I lift. I don’t even thin k about the meet or get focused till I put the bag down in the warm-up area.

Bodyweight was 205 pounds upon arrival but at 3 o’clock on Friday at weigh-ins I checked in at 203 pounds.

Video of the 3 attempts:


Warm-ups and first attempt

Warm-ups went great NEVER had the weight feel so light. If it was a raw meet I KNOW I would have a pr.

155 2 sets 6 reps raw

245 1 set 3 reps   “

335 1 set 2 reps    “

402 1 set 1  rep    “

485 1 set  3 board  2 reps shirt

520 1 set 2 board 1 rep    “

First off I treat Worlds like this after the opener which I call the weight I don’t want to know anything. I don’t want to know the next weight Steve calls or what place I am in. We have like a summit. Steve, Dana, and Tammy know the game plan and we run cohesively. Only thing I do is tell them how each attempt felt. I keep the headset on the entire time so I can hear nothing.

My opener was 545 and it was very light as you see it came off super fast but had complete control. I walked off and just had one thing to say.”Keep it coming.”


Second attempt

Like I said before I have no clue what my next attempt is. I am so focused I hear nothing. I approach the second and third attempts as it is 545. Yes the weight feels heavier BUT I expect that and I attempt to fool myself by thinking it is heavier because of fatigue from doing it before and I expect to get it with a little more of a fight.

I headed to the platform feeling great. Handoff perfect, and nothing was going to mess me up and nothing did. 3 whites again. I walk off and yes I am unsure what I did but I knew I HAD to be in contention for a medal. I knew the third attempt could have me running for gold. Keep it coming.


Third Attempt

Well everyone dreams of winning a meet in their last attempt by going somewhere they never had before, a pr. I knew if I nailed my 3rd attempt chances were great I placed somewhere. I approached the platform on fire. Still not knowing what was on the bar means nothing. Again everything was dead on handoff and the placement of the bar. When it sat on my chest I had no doubts. After pressing it time slows down till the lights light up, 3 whites!!!! I walked off asking Steve what I just pressed because I didn’t see it on the screen because the next guy up weight was posted. When I heard 589 I was stunned because of the 10 pound pr. Then there was the realization of gold. I had the gold for the next minute and a half. The Austrian missed his attempt after me which would have placed him above me. Next was Masahiko. I never watch the guy after me. This time I did. I have vast respect for him and the Japanese, they are class acts. After he nailed his 3rd, and it was easy, I congratulated him. He was a better bencher going in then me and better walking out.


Euphoria lasted for some time and when standing up on the platform to receive my medal I looked down at Lori and started tearing up. That was the end of looking at Lori. It was a great feeling being up there in front of your teammates and representing to your best. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well that night from being all fired up.

Now I am 23 for 24 attempts at World meets with 4 personal records. I say I like world meets?

Well I hope to get this chance again next year but there are no guarantees.

Highlights/funny moments

  • Exchanging shirts and sharing the 1st place podium with Masahiko.
  • At Subway when I asked for American cheese on my meatball the one worker leaned over to the girl prepping it and said “Are you surprised?” to her and she says “AYYYYEEEE”.
  • We walked into pubs and I felt like I was in the House of Pain video “Jump Around.”
  • One Scottish guy yells across the lobby “Look it is Stone Cold Steve Austin” at me.
  • We stayed in a hotel in the center of the stag/hen party capital of England. Sleep was not a staple to this city.
  • And again soda was more expensive the alcohol, geez.


BTW my biorhythm did state I was going to have a great day.

Till next week.

Focus First.


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