Keeping Ego Out of State Competition

Keeping Ego Out of State Competition

Mar 26, 2013

APF/AAPF Illinois State Powerlifting Championships

My goal for the competition was solely to set records that I missed the prior summer while lifting raw.  With four weeks out from the AAPF Nationals in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it gave me an opportunity to test and tweak my gear but also treat the meet as a training session.  The state meet was March 23rd (All bench a.m. And RAW p.m.) and 24th (Equipped) – I was lifting equipped.


Basically, check the ego at the door, do what was necessary and cut the rest – not go for the 9/9 but basically:

Squat – 265kg (585 lbs) sets APF and AAPF State Record (Masters II, 140kg class) followed by the test of the Ace Squatter (no brief) at a super easy 275kg (610 lbs).  Mostly working depth.  Scratched third attempt.


Bench – Using the super loose Viking Bencher opened with 190kg (420lbs) and scratched the next two lifts.  This shirt is so loose even with the sleeve rolled inwards I could still stick my fingers up my arm.  Easy and set the APF and AAPF State Record (Masters II, 140kg class).


Deadlift – None of the deadlift suits I attempted to use worked so used a very loose Viking Brief (falls down when I don’t hold it up) to assist with another super-easy 210kg (465lb) deadlift setting the APF and AAPF State Record (Masters II, 140kg class).  The final two attempts were scratched.


The result is also a 675kg total for the final APF and AAPF State Record total (Masters II, 140kg class).

Plenty of energy left to continue training with only Monday and Tuesday following the meet off.  Oh, and I did take overall second place in both APF and AAPF Masters (all age groups and weights).

It was also cool meeting Matt Heck and calling his depth and lifting off for his benches on March 23rd while he lifted raw.  Really cool fellow IronAuthority sponsored athlete who I look forward to seeing again!

The other thing we did was broadcasting the meet live with Matt Penrose (my son) helping with the camera.  We used an HD broadcasting device and ended up with over 800 viewers on March 23rd and over 400 viewers on March 24th from all over the world.  The final step will be to post the complete meet on the broadcast site ( after Easter weekend.


[Left to Right: Matt Penrose, Joe Atef, Ernie Frantz, Howard Penrose, Ray Makiejus]


Now that the system has been successfully tested, we plan on using it for future broadcasting using additional features.  We will also assist others in broadcasting their meets.  Just contact me through the commentary below.



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  1. Matt Heck /

    It was nice meeting you Howard! I had a blast and am very pleased about my lifting on the day. Thank you helping me and giving me all the great advice that you did!

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