Kicking it back in gear…..

Kicking it back in gear…..

Oct 17, 2013

Well I have had 2 workouts (for each body part) since started training again on the bench.  I didn’t bother wasting your time posting a garbage workout. Yes I did train but there was nothing to offer. However I will post it here preceding my most recent workout which went real well.

I am in my offseason for the next 3-4 months where I incorporate my sponge training.      I have decided to start off my first mini cycle with band training for 4-6 sets ,then floor presses 3-5 sets and end it with dumbbell or bar incline. I train every 7 days unlike every 10 in contest season.

I will just jump right to the second workout. I felt great compared to the first one. My numbers on the floor were good. First real week back I am not trying to set the world on fire but create a benchmark to get an idea how the next three weeks could be laid out weight wise. As previous offseason my goal is to get the halfway point and lockout stronger primarily and get the bottom off the chest stronger for better pop secondarily.

I am also cycling my heavy press movements where I pick two of the three body parts where the pressing is directly focused and decided my shoulders will not be one of the two for heavy pressing. Instead I will do other heavy shoulder assistance exercises.

Let’s get to it:

First workout back.

Floor press (normally never do something before bench but tried something different)

135 2 sets 8 reps

185 6 reps

245 5 reps

285 5 reps

315 3 reps


245 8 reps

315 5 reps

275 12 reps

Incline dumbbells

80 10 reps

100 10 reps


I did shoulders and back two days later . The next day I did arms. All weight was light and all were first workouts since                  the meet.


Second workout

I increased the weight and the common movements from the previous week. Felt great. Floor presses felt like they should LIGHT.

Some video. Sorry it is not from THE GYM but a commercial gym so my angles are not the greatest.


Bench bands 50lbs at top

135 8reps 2 sets

185 “                    “

235 6 reps

285 6 reps

315 5 reps

Floor press

185 6 reps

245 6 reps

315 5 reps

Incline dumbbells

100 10reps

110 10 reps


Next week I’ll increase each set’s weight but keep the reps the same.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme, Oxygen Factor and RockTape for helping me elevate to the next level.

Focus First.


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