Lacking motivation, but still training!

Lacking motivation, but still training!

Sep 24, 2013

LEGS!  Superset: Lunges and Squats.  No rest in between the sets.  Lunges: 3×20 at 65lbs, Squats: 3×12 at 65lbs.  Squats: 4xFail.  8-135lbs, 8-145lbs, 7-155lbs, 6.5-165lbs.  I say 6.5 reps, because the last rep was pretty sad, I’m not counting it as a whole one!  Leg Press: 3×20 at 90lbs.  Calf Raises on Leg Press: 3×20 at 90lbs.  Superset: Leg extensions and curls.  Extensions: 1 set of 8 at 70lbs, 1 set of 10 at 60lbs, Curls: 2×10 at 60lbs, 70lbs.  I then did the stair stepper for 15 minutes. Intervals.

Ok. I broke a rule of mine.  I usually don’t do legs two days in a row, but the workout above didn’t seem to do it for me.  SO – I did legs again and added shoulders!  I started with a superset of Overhead Press and Close Stance Leg Press.  For both exercises my reps were 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.  I used 45lbs for overhead press and 140lbs for leg press.  This was followed with a superset of Wide Grip Upright Row and Wide Stance Leg Press.  For these exercises, I did reps of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.  I used 35lbs for upright row and 140lbs for leg press.

Wednesday was chest day.  First thing was a superset of Chest Flye Machine and Chest Press Machine.  Chest Flye Machine: 15-40lbs, 15-50lbs, 12-50lbs, 12-50lbs; Chest Press Machine: 15-60lbs, 15-80lbs, 12-90lbs, 12-90lbs.  Then we did a triset of pushups.  Wide, middle, and narrow hand placement.  These were 2 trisets to failure.  Next exercise was Downward Cable Flyes: 15-20lbs, 12-25lbs, 10-30lbs, 9-30lbs.  This was followed by One Arm Cable Press: 15-25lbs, 15-30lbs, 15-35lbs.  We ended with Alternating Chest Press: 24-20lbs, 20-25lbs, 20-25lbs, 20-25lbs.

We did legs again – 3 times this week!  We started with Box Squats.  8 sets of 2 at 100lbs.  This was followed by dead lifts.  8 sets of 2 at 65lbs.  We followed up with a 20 minute AMRAP: Box Jumps-10, Jumping Lunges-12, Leg Press-20 (90lbs).  We followed this with Leg Extensions superset with Reverse Leg Press.  Leg Extensions: 15-60lbs, 15-60lbs, 15-60lbs and Reverse Leg Press: 15-40lbs, 15-40lbs, 15-40lbs.  With the reverse leg press, we hugged the back of the chair and knelt on the seat with one leg, the other leg pressed.

Friday was an off day.  I was VERY busy.  I worked, then had to head to my parents’ house to see my grandparents (my mom’s folks live in Texas.  I haven’t seen them for a year and it was GREAT to see them!!).  I woke up Saturday morning and lifted at that time instead!

I did Bis and Tris.  The first superset was Barbell Curls and Skull Crushers.  I did 8 sets of 10 of each exercise at 35lbs.  The second superset was Preacher Curls and Straight Bar Push Downs.  Also, 8 sets of 10 for both exercises.  I used 35lbs for preacher curls and 40lbs – 60lbs for push downs.  I then did a set of Alternating DB Curls.  8 sets of 10 using 15lb dumbbells.  I then ended with Rope Push Downs.  Can you guess what reps/sets I did??  You got it!  8 sets of 10!  I used 50lbs for the first 3 sets, then 45lbs for 2 sets, and then 40lbs for the last 3 sets.  I ended with 15 minutes of a stair stepper type machine.. I’m not sure what it was called (I was at a different gym!).

This was the end to a great week of workouts.  It was a crazy week – glad to have my training back on track.  I was all that motivated but it ended up being a good one.  Saturdays workout was awesome and the first time my biceps have been sore for some time, that was really exciting!


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