Lansing , MI WABDL results

Lansing , MI WABDL results

Jul 23, 2013

This past Saturday I traveled to Lansing, Michigan to compete in a WABDL meet. This was my first in a bench shirt so I went conservative. I hit my opener of 557.7 to get the Ohio submaster state record. The next lift I hit was for 601.9 for the Open Ohio state record. I went for 633. It went up easy but I was just short of the full lockout. Tried it again for my fourth but I was fried. I accomplished my main goals; get a good lift in the books, hit 600lbs and get the state record for Open and Submasters. I qualify for WABDL worlds in Reno. The main focus now is USAPL Bench Nationals in Atlanta. I’m sending in my shirt to Ken Anderson to be sized down and then I will begin training for Reno where I plan on hitting 700 plus. Everybody was loving my Iron Authority t-shirt. Thanks to Iron Chamber Gym, Iron Authority and ATP Extreme for the support and look forward to meeting the IA family in the ATL. I saw the roster and we are deep!


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