Last 2 training sessions before WABDL meet

Last 2 training sessions before WABDL meet

Jul 14, 2013

I decided for the last two bench training sessions, I wanted to see the lightest I could touch in my Super Kitana. For this 07/20 meet I want to get something on the board to break the state record and get three more tries to see what I can do. After the meet I’m sending my Super Kitana in to Ken Anderson to get sized down and still have ample time to get used to it for WABDL Worlds in Reno this November. Here are my last two Sunday training sessions:

Raw Work

Shirt Work
495×3 (5 board)
545×2 (1×4 board, 1×3 board)
545×2 (1×3 board, 1×2 board)
545 x1 (1 board)

Got the 545 to a 1 board with little resistance. The plan was to see if I could take that weight to the chest next session.

One week out for a meet. Lifting for an opener.
Raw Work
warmed up to 405

Shirt Work
495 x 3 (2×5 board, 1×4 board)
495x 2 (1×4 board, 1×3 board)
545 x1 (2 board)
545x 1 (1 board)
545x 1 chest
585x 1 chest

Both reps were really easy. The plan is to open in that range. I plan to break the state record and I will have three more lifts to play with some numbers. I’m hoping to get close to 700 this meet. This will be my first meet competing equipped. Representing Iron Authority all day!


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