Last bench before Worlds,squared.

Last bench before Worlds,squared.

Sep 22, 2013

Ok there are somethings that you probably shouldn’t do and definitely not do 10 days out from a meet. Benching your opener two consecutive workouts(days) in a row is one of them. Some people do things and it may work for them, others not. I have done this before but it seemed to always be for deads or squat workouts. When the original workout was way off I would come back the next day and do it again. I felt strained or tight the second day and guaranteed I falling slightly short  from original goal or did better then the day before. I have never done it on openers. I thought about the pros and cons of doing this on the bench. When I did my opener on day 1 I stopped the workout and did not finish it. I had 5 sets left for chest (1 bench 225 for 20 reps,3 sets of incline 5 reps per set). I stopped out of anger. I knew I couldn’t try it again. Didn’t feel right in my hands. In hindsight I should have tried the opener again BUT after 24 years of training you SHOULD KNOW yourself. Honestly the way I felt I would have failed . I didn’t miss the attempt but technically there was RED all over it so what good was it? I slept on it and the next day I recalled all the times I did the same workout the next day and the results were better. I decided to try to it on the bench. I had a game plan, minimal. Minimal stress, minimal reps, minimal waste of energy BUT maximum focus.

I thought about how my body was going to kill itself the second time around however the workload(volume) I would have done to finish the first day workout was more then going to the opener second time around.

First workout remainder volume

Second bench day volume



I also planned on using the RAM from 225 to the shirt sets to alleviate stress on the upper body. My 3 shirt sets comprise 2 of them being boards. So I am only doing 1 full rep in the shirt.

Here is the video of the first day:

335 2 reps raw

385 with the RAM(large) 3 reps

415 to a 2 board raw 1 rep

495 to a 3 board 2 reps(shirt)

525 2 board 1 rep(shirt)
555 full rep(shirt)


Here is video of the second day:


335 2 reps with RAM

385 1 rep RAM

495 1 rep 3 board(shirt)

525 1 rep 2 board (shirt)

555 1 rep full (shirt)


What did I come out of this with was it better then the night before? Well the second day unracking the weight(opener) with my girlfriend was a WHOLE tougher then it was with the guys . At one point I almost said screw it because I could feel getting drained for all the energy put into the handoff. She grabbed it to be safe on my opener which is fine. I asked a lot from her to spot me alone after the incident I had (she saw) which I am lucky to be alive.(Thanks Tony) So it was equal but I showed I have the stamina to handle it tired, 2 days in a row, weak handoffs, and after squatting.

Technique was flawed, strength was at 85% . These 2 elements work hand in han. If I was feeling strong technique would have been fine but when you feel weak your technique compensates to try to help you out.

2 ugly openers in 2 days. I know my upper body is tired from nationals and I am not one to do a meet a month. I also know that squatting the night before the first opener workout wore me down. I now have 8 full days of rest and supplements. I will be fine if not I learned something from this, don’t ever do it again.


Meet opener 545-551

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme, Oxygen Factor and RockTape.

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