Last bench workout and opener was pathetic.

Last bench workout and opener was pathetic.

Aug 11, 2013

(Preface) The following paragraph was written about 3 nights ago but after watching the video of the workout I am disgusted. I expected better ,better speed and form. Amazing how after a couple of days from getting away the moment clarity comes arrives. The 560 opener was ugly and nothing to brag about! Bragging about this would be like the guy who brags about some BIG 2 board press. Unless the meet is a 2 board press meet it is irrelevant. I expect the meet’s opener completely different then this opener was. Period.

Well now I am at the stage in C.R.E.A.T.E. which is Execute. That means it is meet time. The cycle as a whole was a success! Tonight was my last bench workout till nationals went not too bad. I have done better with previous openers. It looks slow but when I am not in a rack I slow everything down regardless how it feels. Why? Well I have had a mishap with 560 in a gym outside of a rack and since then I do everything slow when I am not in one. It requires more energy but I am safer and I don’t put my spotters in a predictament.

After it was all said and done I know my opener will be 556. It should be easy. Only thing I will be considering is I will be lifting at 9am Sunday morning(August 18). So my expectations may be dumbed down. I have very tough competition and placing top 3 in the Open will be an achievement because there are excellent benchers in my class. I hope if everything goes right I have 2 prs.

Starting tonight I will be adding an hour sleep each night. I am done training legs till after the meet. That is an extra days rest.I still have 1 workout for each of my upper body part.

Let’s get to it:



335 3 reps raw

405 1 rep RAM large

495 2 reps 3 board (shirt)

530 1 rep 2 board

560 opener with a pause

430 2 reps with Large RAM

460 3 reps with Large RAM

405 2 reps raw

325 10 reps raw


DONE. I am shot and felt complete. Ended the cycle with a strong 10 reps.

I am ready and the shitty opener tonight will keep me in perspective that NOTHING is a gimme.

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape for helping me become a better powerlifter!


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