Last posts before IPF Bench Press Worlds

Last posts before IPF Bench Press Worlds

May 16, 2013

This will likely be my last post in prep for the IPF Bench Press Worlds Kaunas Lithuania.  Excited to represent the USA Powerlifting Elite for a second time.  I leave Tuesday May 21 and won’t get back until May 29.

A couple of cool notes.

I get to handle Ryan ‘El Mesa Grande’ Carrillo!  Very excited about that!

I get handled/coached by Dennis Cieri!  I am going to bench it all!  As I write this it is about 10pm and I don’t think I am going to get to bed tonight.  I am jakked up right now.  With Heavy D in my corner I am going to press anything.  I can’t tell you how excited I am right now.

This weeks Training:

Equipped Bench Press
5 singles, all pretty decent.  This was one of my better test days.

Pushdowns x15

Flyes x12



Close Grip 435 x5 @8

Wide Grip 405 x10 @8

Military Press
75s x3x10 @7

Rotators x30


That is about it.  The test day with the singles went really well.  It was overall a better test day than before my last meet where I pressed 711.  So that is positive and I have some good momentum going into this competition.  A lot of really positive notes to wrap up training on!

For the rest of my training I’ll do nothing too crazy, just some pressing to keep me from getting rusty.

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot.  I am rooming with THE JEFF SNYDER.  Hopefully will get to interview him, Jona Leo, Tim Anderson, and Dennis Cieri at some point during my trip.  I can’t promise that though.  Depends on timing and the situation.  However it ends…one thing is for sure…WE WILL RULE EUROPE!

Thanks to everyone…too many to list!  I am lazy.


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