Last Sessions Before Raw Nationals

Last Sessions Before Raw Nationals

Jul 7, 2013

I have 5, count them 5, training sessions left before my week break leading up to the 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals. As I am typing this I am getting pumped up. I can’t believe I am so close to this meet, it is truly a dream I had when I started powerlifting such a short time ago. Just to make it to the national stage is going to be amazing in it self. It has been a very hard road but one with a great goal at the end, competing and placing top 5 in my first national level competition.

Training for this week will mainly comprise of my contest prep, deload, mobility, and cardio. My strength has came back in the past few weeks, I feel I am close to where I was before my vacation. My weight on the other hand has been stubborn and I am on average a few pounds from where I need to be.

My contest prep days are used to get me in the mindset for the meet. I will preform my contest warm up followed by a few working sets of my opening attempts. I feel this will not only help me to reprogram my mind from training to contest as well as solidify all of my opening attempts and overall game plan.

Day 1-

Squat warm up followed by 1×3 meet opener, 475.

Bench warm up followed by 1×3 meet opener, 345.

Deadlift warm up followed by 1×3 meet opener, 545.

Day 2 and 3-

Same warm up and weight just drop down to a 1×2.

Day 4 and 5-

Deload days- Warm up followed by a 2×2 with around 60% of my opening attempts.

Toss in my mobility days and increase my cardio.


Let me know what you think and contact me with any questions.


IA All Day!!


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