Last week of mini cycle with bands and the verdict for the ATP Extreme is….

Last week of mini cycle with bands and the verdict for the ATP Extreme is….

Jun 2, 2013

Ok this was my final week for my 4 week band cycle. Typically I would end it with a heavy triple on the last set but this week I was also seeing if the  ATP Extreme worked for me. I dropped all my supplements to get a fair and accurate reading . Normally I am not at 100% max in the offseason so if I can be within 10 lbs then I personally consider it a success. My weights are like my biorythms they have peaks and valleys.

I started 4 weeks ago and maxed out with 3 attempts ending at 425. It was a touch and go and ass not down,but it wasn’t a meet so I didn’t care. Also I just did my second bench meet a week earlier and third max bench effort in 4 weeks so my number was down about 10-15 lbs.

Today I wanted to see if not only could I do the 425 BUT  do it after 3 sets with bands. I didn’t do this 4 weeks earlier however I wanted to  push the expectations for the supplement. I felt somewhat sluggish because  I trained yesterday legs with speed squats and reverse band squats ,raw. Then deadlift raw for 8 sets.

This was today’s workout:

195 bands 8 reps (plus 66 at top)

245 bands 8 reps ”                     ”

305 bands 2 reps ”                      ”

385  1 rep large Ram(reason to  handle a heavier weight before my 425 yet not burn out tie ins)

410 raw for 1 EASY (felt weird since just did 3 sets with bands but was easy)

430 raw MISSED not sure how I missed but I did spotter said when he tapped it ,it flew but a miss is a miss!!

425 for one and missed at lockout. This was a great set that failed. I came back after an awful miss by just dropping 5 lbs and nearly got it. Considering it was my 7th set I can come away with a positive but again a miss is a miss!!

315 bands 6 reps (plus 66 at top) Went back to bands for a final set. Loved how it moved.

110 for 8 reps dumbell  incline

120 for 8 reps ”                      ”

10 total work sets


            ATP Extreme WORKS, I feel comfortable in saying this and backing it. Again I dropped all my sups and started the ATP Extreme.  All my movements numbers are staying where they were like I was before my meets. Well I liked what I saw for my one rep max even though it failed if I came in and just went to max I would have gotten it but I didn’t want to completely alter my mini cycle. I just took the ATP Extreme before I lift and never on days I didn’t but I will change that in a few weeks and see what differences my body feels or sees. I will take it like a creatine with ,in a sense , a loading phase which is the other way.  I  also can’t wait to take it in combination with my sups for my next meet cycle.

Next week I start a new mini cycle where reps and weight are the focus. Floor presses are introduced.

Until then train hard and FOCUS FIRST.


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