Last week of upper body for nats.

Last week of upper body for nats.

Aug 8, 2013

This was my last week of full workouts for my upper body. Last week I mentioned the weights were feeling alittle heavier in my hands so I made some adjustments this week. Now in hindsight the adjustments gave me a mental aggressive boost. First I split my shoulder/ back workout over 2 days so now the normally second body part trained will now be first. For shoulders I did seated rack presses instead of full presses. Doing partials also let me know go heavy and yet give some rest to my delts and tris. I also replaced close grip presses for tris with dips to give a slight rest to my presses. I also went heavier with straight bar curls and did some weight I hadn’t done for a year or so.

My next set of upper body workouts (after my last bench)will be partial workouts. When I look back on my upper body training I am pleased. Numbers were strong and give me optimism for the meet.

July 31

Front bar raises

65 6 reps

80,95,110 5 reps each


295 6 reps

425 5 reps 2 sets

515 5 reps

545 5 reps

Seated rack presses(bar touching top of head)

185 5 reps

225 3 reps

275,325 2 reps

345 1 rep

August 1

Lat pulldowns

205 6 reps

235,250,265,235 5 reps each

Reverse grip pulldowns

190,205 5 reps

August 3

Preacher curls

115 6 reps

135 5 reps

160 4 reps

Bar curls

145 5 reps

165 4 reps

185 3 reps

Rack benches ( bar 5” inches above chest)

345 3 reps index finger within 1” of inner knurl

375 2 reps  “                                         “

435 2 reps pinky inch from outer ring

465 1 rep

490 1 rep comp grip


45,90  6 reps ea

185 4 reps

Tri pushdowns

120 5 reps

140 5 reps

The End.

Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape for helping me become a better powerlifter!


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