Leg and Back Day

Leg and Back Day

May 10, 2013

A lot of bench only guys get the rep that they don’t work on legs and are only focused on chest. But in most cases that is not true. The reason I do not do full meets is because my knees are shot from playing football in high school and college and I had a serious neck injury a few years ago also from football, but I still work on my legs. I do not squat real heavy because when I squat heavy for a weeks in a row my knees lock up and I can’t even get out of my car without severe pain. So I am going to put up my leg workout for this past week.


Leg press 4 sets of 15

Leg extensions 3×8
Leg curls 3×8

Hip abductors 2×15
Hip flexors 2×15

Straight Bar curls 2×20

I also do back on leg day:

I do 3 different type of pulls on is on a machine that I sit and pull from a down angle, the next machine is above my head in front of me and I pull down, and the third are just close grip pulls with the V Bar. I do all these for 4 sets of 10

Lat pull downs 3×8

Lower back 3×20

I don’t use any straps for the most part and I really try to load the plates on I think having a strong back really helps with my overall strength.


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