Life in the Way Ernie Frantz Overkill and the CanAm Phew

Life in the Way Ernie Frantz Overkill and the CanAm Phew

May 26, 2013

So it appears that I have not been writing as often as I should – unfortunately, life is getting in the way at the moment.  This includes some travel, professional papers, presentations, conferences, etc.  During my last trip a week ago I ended up doing some basics in the hotel room while working on a few other projects.  Not all related to my day to day business, but has also included actively kick-starting my publishing company from idle (several titles still in print) in order to preserve an important piece of powerlifting history.

A few years ago I published an average of 26 articles and papers based upon rotating electric machinery (electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering topics) in magazines, white papers, and conferences.  That number dropped to about a dozen a year but now seems to be picking up again.  Traveling training classes have also started again.  This generates a bit of a strain on training plus a drain on energy remaining for the gym.  That will not stop me, however.  Next week I will be traveling through Michigan, Toronto, Ontario and onto Ottawa, Ontario for a professional conference.  I do plan on breaking away during this travel to visit gyms on the way up and back.  Stay tuned for those reports.

I also get to announce that Ernie Frantz, the founder of the APF/AAPF and the WPC/AWPC has signed a publishing contract with my publishing company, SUCCESS by DESIGN Publishing, to publish both the second edition of his 1983 book “Ten Commandments of Powerlifting,” and his autobiography.  The first will be available by this fall and the second will be out the first quarter of 2014.  I have taken this on as a personal project instead of handing the whole thing over to my staff at my headquarters in Connecticut, so it has taken some additional time plus keeps me sitting on my ass in front of the computer.  However, as Ernie has just turned 79 years old and we have been losing many of the fathers of our sport, I feel a sense of duty to get this done right.  Hopefully, it will also help promote the sport to a new generation and the general public, regardless of federation.

I did visit the Power Pit, home of Overkill, and finally got my hands on my full suit of Overkill equipment.  Rudy provided a special designed squat suit/briefs that also double (the squat suit) as a deadlift suit, and, of course, an Overkill shirt.  We did get in a great training session with my coach (Joe Atef, who has patiently been working on driving up my horsepower), Joe will be competing next at the USPA Expo in California on June 29, 2013, with his site coach – the powerful Jose Garcia (APF Illinois State – 487.5kg squat, 295kg bench, 365kg deadlift, 1147.5kg total – 2530lb total at 124.6 kg), Barzeen Vaziri and his wife Kristen, Theresa Janc, Pete Arroyo, Alise Svoboda, Mike Randall and others.


[Above: At the Power Pit – and yeah, I like the pink Berserker t-shirt!]


[Howard and Theresa (eat your heart out guys) Barzeen Vaziri background (he is a high school dean) and his wife, Kristin]


Theresa Janc was very proud of her wrist band and I have been receiving messages – Brady do we have any more?  I am down to my last few!  (Learn more about Theresa at


[Theresa showing off the ‘Train to Dominate’ wrist band!]

I tried on the Overkill briefs on Wednesday (deadlift day) and learned very quickly why Rudy said that it was strictly to work under the suit for squats.  Soooo… foregoing the briefs with deadlift.  Ended up using my old Vikings as I want to break in the squat/deadlift suit doing squats before I use it for deadlift.  I still seem to be having grip problems with the strained right thumb, which is healing, but sloooowly.  I am using that as my second writing excuse (ouch!).

Friday we took the Overkill out for a ride.  I realized that I have lost my shirt slippers as my old shirt fit like an oversized t-shirt and I had walked away from my Ace.  So, we pulled it up best we could using Joe Atef’s ratchet strap (yep, you need one in an Overkill!) and gave it a spin.  It took 460lbs just to make a 3-board and, because the shirt was not seated right, some really interesting bruises.  On Monday I will be working at the Power Pit with the team to stretch and wear in the shirt as well as learn from the experts how to use it.  I am hoping that I get to use this shirt instead of my loose Viking at the July 20, 2013 CanAm (more below).




[Yeah, inside of elbow – strange bruise from shirt that was not seated yet]

On Saturday I took the squat suit for a ride without the briefs.  I do have to say that all the parts are fitting exactly the way they should.  With my body shape (still a 2-board bench advantage belly) the custom gear should do well.  I am hoping to crush my AAPF Nationals showing!  We took the suit to a light 525lbs while also running an initial test with the Berserker Strength t-shirt.  Both held up fine, but I definitely want the briefs!  Because of the special design of the squat suit for deadlifting, I have limited upper body support, which explains the brief design.  Looking forward to putting the combined system into motion after I get back from travel!!

Snapshot - 25

BTW, Brady – I do prefer the pink one over the white.  I think I could have gone an easy 650lbs if I was wearing the pink!  Being a real man, I have no issue with it!  J

I am presently in training for two meets.  I am about 15 weeks out from the AWPC Worlds in which I will be competing full power, bench and deadlift.  This will be during Labor Day weekend in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  A lot of great drug-free lifters will be competing across four days!  The nearer one, though, is the July 20, 2013 WPC/AWPC CanAm Bench Press Championships.  This is the second year for this amazing bench press meet and Joe Smolinski (the organizer) has already started plans for 2014 to include the USA, Canada, UK, France and many others.  2014, in particular, will be the best battle since 1812!!

The CanAm will be live broadcast via in which both Benjamin Sanda, who managed the live broadcast and special systems at the AAPF Nationals, and I will have a little fun with the techie side (yep – the joys of being an engineer and powerlifter!).

This past week has been focused on trying out the Overkill equipment – my first custom gear.  This upcoming week will start with the shirt and then will have about a full week’s worth of travel to Ottawa, Canada, with stops at gyms to be announced.


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