Listen to your body, not your ego!!!

Listen to your body, not your ego!!!

Mar 25, 2013

As a bench press specialist that handles 500 + pounds on a regular basis my shoulders sure take a beating. But as you know us power lifters always think we are so tough and our big ego don’t want to admit we may need a break from time to time or a light week. So we keep pushing and pushing to the max, sometimes we get lucky and get to the meet with no serious injuries, and then there are other times that it does not have a fairy tail ending. I have just recently experienced the harsh reality that I am not super human and my body can only be pushed so far until something gives. In this case my front delt was the thing to give out first. Keep in mind this happened back in January and I am just now benching 135. A huge fall from the 565-575 I was on pace to hit in the meet before the shoulder injury. So instead of backing off a week or so and resting up or going for a light day I am going on 2 + months of not benching at all and when I finally am able to bench again its only 135 for barely 8 reps. Its not that I don’t have the strength to bench more but the pain I am in from my shoulder injury is just too much to go any higher.
Going back to the big ego that us power lifters have I don’t know what is hurt more my shoulder or my ego from not being able to flat bench more than 135. But I have made up my mind and I am going to take this recovery smart and slow. Bottom line is listen to your body, it will tell you when to push it to the max and when to take a break. And trust me there is NOTHING wrong with a week off from time to time. It might actually make you stronger.


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  1. Howard Penrose /

    I hear you! Any injuries I have received have been led by an odd feeling or an ego lift.

    Good advice, brother!

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