Little background ….

Little background ….

Apr 2, 2013



A little about myself. I started off as a bench specialist in the beginning in my late teens. I benched 315 raw at 150 pounds at 17. After a couple of years I started 3 lift competitions because I liked squatting. Never was a fan of the deadlift then nor now(probably because it sucks! I do train it hard however,regardless.) From 1998 to 2005 I stopped competing in 3 lift meets due to having a second child,going to school, and working a full time job.I decided to stop training legs so I could be a father and all the time it required. However to satisfy my need to compete I stayed in competitive benching. .I have been competing in the USAPL since 2004. I went from the 220 class down to the 198 class.My bench responded to all the additional recovery by not training legs,hence the reason for the weight drop due to atrophy. I would bench raw and equipped.In 2005 after some time management changes I incorporated the squat and deads again into my training BUT only 3 months a year so I could do the PA State 3 lift meet( all that I could manage time wise and fear my bench would suffer but divving up rest and recovery to legs.Later I would find my thinking was wrong).
2006-2009 was my not my best years in life or bench nationals. I was very unsuccessful in nationals. 2010 my life changed by meeting a woman whose postive aura influenced me in taking a different approach to everything.Thank you,Lori.2010 Bench nationals I took first raw. I decided to get back into equipment but something was not right with my technique.I needed a tweaking and couldn’t see my flaw. I went to a person who knows ,Niko Hulslander. He got my bench straight in 1 workout! I had 95% of the answer but he had the 5% that took my bench from 520 to where it is now. Thank you.
2011 I competed in 3 lift states and it was there that Robert Keller(Thank you) got me back into competing 3 lift year round as a master. (I still have LOTS of room for improvement on the squat and dead)2011 and 2012 I won Masters Nationals 198/205 weight class.2012 I competed in (my first)Masters Worlds. I placed THIRD and had my biggest bench EVER,556.
April 20,2013 I will be competing in Masters Bench Worlds(First Bench only) in Prague.
I now compete both ways as a Master and Open. I own 7 state records and 3 national records.

I am a father of 2 incredible sons whom I try spending my free time with.

I am also sponsored by The GYM and Tan Line and Titan Support Systems.

My goals here are to help other drug free athletes attain their goals. I plan to assist in helping them learn as I can from them too. I have been competing 23 years and as recent as 2 weeks ago(Yes I am referring to you Rocco) I learned something new. If you think because of the amount of years you trained or your credentials make you too good to learn then it is then you will STOP progressing.  If knowledge is food ,well EAT up!






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