Macros – in all their glory

Macros – in all their glory

Jun 16, 2014

This month has been NUTS!  I started a new workout program – and a new meal tracking system called Lose It!

I love my new tracking system.  I find that Lose It is easier to use than other meal/nutrient tracking programs.  It works for me so I like it.  However, I’m not here to promote tracking on a specific program – I’m here to talk about tracking macros/meals!

First, I say do it!!  If you want to achieve the physique you crave – this is the ONLY way you’ll accomplish that!  It starts and ends with your diet.  Begin with a piece of paper and a pencil if you need to – it doesn’t matter how, my point it just to start somewhere.

Second, figure out what your macros are.  Notice, this is second on the list!  Get involved in tracking first to just figure out what you are taking in – then worry about how to narrow it down to specific, goal based macros.  Why do it this way?  Because tracking is hard as it is – don’t make it more stressful by trying to hit certain grams of protein, carbs, and fat.  Figure out what you are eating now, how your body responds to certain foods, and THEN go on to figure out what your macros are and how to get them all in.  To figure out what your macros are – I recommend  It’s a simple way to type in some information about yourself – and BOOM – there are your macros. 🙂  If you have questions about how to use the website AND/OR anything else macro related – I’d love to tell you what I know.  I’m no nutritionist, but I’ve learned a lot over the years – and I’d love to help you find the answer to a question you may have!

Third, once you start tracking, then figure out your specific macros for your specific goal, then you can start playing with them.  Adjust carbs to lower or higher amounts and do the same with fats.  Pick one at a time, stick to it for a couple weeks and see how that change affects your body – but not only your physique.  Track your mood, energy, and overall well being to get a full count as to what that change did to you.  We are a whole human after all and not just a body!  I’m sensitive to low fat and become really bitchy when I don’t have enough.  So, it’s important to me to get enough – which is why it’s a good reason for me to track my macros.  If I’m feeling sluggish – I look to my carbs (the energy macro) and if I’m feeling moody – I look to my fats (the mood macro)!  Because I know whether I’ve had enough or too little, I can then make a note of where the rest of my “measurements” stand.  This helps me adjust in the future.  Make a [small] change, stick to it for about 2 weeks, take notes, make a new change! 🙂

Good luck with all your tracking.  To be honest, I’m probably somewhere between the second and third step.  While I’m still working on zeroing in on exactly where my macros need to be, so I can start adjusting – by tracking I’ve found that I have a place where I naturally fall with my normal food choices (and foods that make me happy – not just chicken and asparagus).  This is an awesome way to know that I can be spot on with my food choices while also enjoying the little things – like ice cream and pizza or a date night with my husband.  It’s really nice to have figured out where I fall naturally so I can now start making changes and see what happens!  I’ll keep everyone posted!! 😀




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